Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by mattbea, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. anybody just watched it?
    Taliban leader just said at the end.. "you're people should know this, you fight to live, we fight to die, you love your lifes and we love our death and thats why you shouldn't fight us"
    Nobhead... but how can we really win any war like this?
  2. Kamikaze Pilot's probably said a similar thing in WWII
  3. true... or possible, but similiar!
    Im not racist here but it does shock me that such people are still being allowed into britain, and I would ban the Muslims or whatever they are from going abroad until this calms down, and non allowed in! with such bad situations its surely a thing that should be done about immigration and migration to come here
  4. Matt
    The Muslim population in the main are peaceful and law abiding. Stopping them from travelling would cause far more problems than it would solve.
    We have problems with a very small minority.
  5. Ah, the educated voice of reason.
  6. Matt, you say you are not racist, but you then contradict yourself.

    Terrorism in a whole is not the majority of the muslim population as you seem to think. However it is a very small minority of people muslim as well as others.

    And as for the rest of your statement about "such people being allowed into Britain" this is total crap as many checks are done, before anyone is granted a visa to visit this country, and those that are granted asylum are Normaly done so due to a direct threat to their lives in thier country of origin.

    Immigration is a very fluid enviroment and things change on a daily basis. If you knew anything about immigration you would have some idea how complex and political it is, and you wouldn't make such stupid statements, without some research to back up your claims.

    My personal opinion is that you shouldn't be allowed to leave the country yourself, because with views like this I'm sure no other country would be willing to take you. (even for a two week holiday).
  7. yea well If politics were so good then we would not be in the many of problems we are in, and guzzler it does not matter what education I come from, I am quite clever but possibly not the best at military side of things... does not mean I have a view and does not mean you are better than me!
  8. actually.... wingnut... does anybody fully know about immigration and the whole of what is coming into the country? NO! thats why drugs and immigration, illegal weapons and other illegal things that enter here are not known about until sometimes later, so dont make out I am in the wrong about not knowing, fully the situation of it.

  9. I never thought i'd agree with you on something, but you are right, the politics are not the best they could be.

    Your personal opinion is something you are entitled to, however for someone who is "quite clever" it seems to me you have made rash statements without looking at all the facts and researching the topic you are spouting off about.
  10. I remb watching that documentry on 'Jack the soldier', it was incredible that the taliban would be bombed to sh*t and within a short space of time, still be standing, also they old collec their dead without being seen.

    Yes they see it as an honour to die in battle and have no worries about dying.........can you win a war agianst those who are on a suicide mission?

    The muslim culture is ver peaceful, it's the idiots causing the problem. Mind you, a lot of the soldiers recruited were lied to from the start.
  11. 'I am quite clever'. You are not demonstrating that here.

    'possibly not the best at military side of things'. Military side of things? See above.

    'does not mean you are better than me'. Not necessarily I suppose.
  12. thanks wingnut and jenny for a first replies, guzzler, I am clever but does not mean I have to actually express to you or anybody else I am... I may say to you I am to get your thoughts of me correct, but even professors have certain subjects they are weak at and others they are good at.
  13. You are right, no-one fully knows how many people are coming into the country illegally. However everything possible is being done to try and stop people entering in this manner.

    However, as I stated you do not fully understand the situation, and you should not spout off about something you have not got all of the facts about.

    Immigration is the job i currently do for a living, and every one of my collegues work long hours, enforced overtime and have to deal with a lot of nasty situations to try and keep the country as free as possible from illegal entrants.

    So if you would like to discuss your vast knowledge further, carry on, but please at least do some research so you have an idea of what you are talking about.
  14. So you come across as thick, claim you're clever, but refuse to 'express(?)' what it is that defines your 'cleverness?

    Then you say something even less comprehensible than usual...
  15. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    That's right, young feller. And you'll find that many professors don't gob off about subjects that might call into account the general consensus regarding intellect. Better to keep one's gob shut and look an idiot rather than open it and confirm the notion.

    For your bank of adolescent wisdom, consider that many years ago this very nation vanquished all those 'darkies' and 'fuzzy wuzzies' and whatever they were called, back in the day. There was so much pink on the map, the sun never set on the Empir ... Commonwealth We even made ome people have 'normal' Christian names and made them dress in our fine attire, and if they didn't do this, then we went to war with them, usually butchered their people with our sophisticated weaponry then made them comply to our customs, morals and way of life. Little surprise that when this costly little venture comes to bite us on the arse a few years later there are some idealistic younng bounders willing to stand up with the 'Im not racist, but ... ' opener. Sure, them dirty towelheads don't half look a mean bunch of bastids and they fight a nasty fight and that's just not fair, is it?

    Matt. Like it or not, we have stumbled ourselves into an unending cycle of tribal warfare based upon mineral avarice. The more you sit, cosy and happy and safe, spekin yur branes on your lovely PC, burning more power and absently living the western dream, you are feeding a wonderful chain of events that goes from your expendable wealth, through the wholesaler, through the supplier, to the manufacturer, to the boardroom through political influence to those on power across to the means of obtaining mineral wealth over in the battlefields of the middle east and down to the poor fecking bootneck out patrolling unaware of the 12 year old with the bodypack on who has been schooled in the madrassah that martyrdom is the only way.

    It's not about stopping bearded Islamists preaching hatred. It's about getting out of shyt we started and now do not have the political will to end or finish.

  16. Nice one Levers

    :nemo: :nemo:
  17. no not good levers-aligned (or whatever)... (I do not care).... the fact is in history is we are basically 99% french from the norman conquest, as they won... back in 1066, highly luckily I can trace my family back to the origins of then and say my ancestors was lords and knights of the time and was awarded farms as a result....
    and was until the 1980's and now most are milkmen even but we made this country what it is, but gob offs like you who serve in a war that never changed this country may just live with that fact, do not get me wrong for the respect of you but the fact you try to correct the civilians you fight for must mean a great deal... if not then why the F did you join? but if you do respect the "civvi's" then why mock them? when most on this forum only tried to join and failed.... but least they had the thought you c*nt
  18. Ah, I see. Back on the drugs then?
  19. You forgot that he says he's not racist, then says something racist. I live in a town that's around 15% muslim, never really had any problems with them (apart from a lad i had sat next to in a lesson with who openly admitted to supporting terrorism), and the fact that you'd basically block our borders to all muslims will just piss the 99.99999% of law abiding muslims off.
  20. Levers, you lost me at hello!

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