Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. The programme last night should be compulsery viewing for all MP's,I thought the Guardsmen performed with great credit.What they go through along with other regiments is beyond what should be required from just one nation.
    With the USA,Canada,Poland and a few others they make the rest of NATO
    look like the cowards they are,skulking in the far safe north.
    My holidays are bound for Poland and Canada[I go to the USA to visit a son a lot] not any part of countries who will not help us,
    a small thing maybe,but it will make me happy.
    They should be ashamed but they have done it before so it was expected.Tossers,lets leave the EU, we don't need them.
  2. An intelligent, well- reasoned argument. The fcuckinkg tossers ,cowards and tossers skulking should be ashamed. I agree.
    It should be acquired from but jiust one nation.
  3. I thought it was excellent too. I have recorded it onto a DVD.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bollocks.....I thought it was on tonight??????
  5. I thought it truly humbling, putting any drips on my average working day in true perspective. Amazing that those lads could still have a smile and laugh whilst being in mortal danger.
  6. I thought the best bit was when the AA soliders magazine got shot off his ak and everyone just started laughing even the soldier whos gun got shot was smiling.
  7. Ditto to all that mate , spineless bastards the EU ,
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just watched it on the BBC website so its still available
  9. It was a truely simple but honest piece and made great viewing. The lads are working hard, under a lot of pressure and living with great personal tragedy and yet they carry on with their job. It showed the Squaddie at their absolute best.

    I wonder how the majority could face a second day of the king of punishment these lads see day after day. For most once would be once too many. I agree with seafarer that it should be compulsory viewing for all Politicians and quite a few others too.

  10. All Panorama programmes are available for them to view via the Commons Library if they ask. Transcripts are available too upon request.
  11. Look...for those who missed this it is repeated on BBC1 tommorow morning @ 0125 so set your vid/dvd recorders.
    Well worth watching.
  12. Like those on here, I thought it a good piece of battlefront journalism, but found that it failed to show what is actually being achieved out there. The last line about the captured towns already being back in Taleban hands kinda summed up a bad situation.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    So we don't have enough troops out there to hold ground when we have won it, and the whole thing has to be done again with yet more casualties? Or have I missed something?

    The cowardice of some of our so-called allies shows what great fools we would be to rely on Europe (stand fast the Dutch) for our security.

    And aren't the poppy fields pretty? I thought to main strategic interest in Afghanistan of the civilised world, standfast destroying the Taliban, was eliminating this source of heroin. We need more of a mailed fist on this one.
  14. Funny that because I seem to remember there was a big push to wipe out the poppy fields at first but the troops on the ground kept saying that the poppy fields don't shoot back so aren't an immediate threat. But the Afghan Farmers who depend on the crop and don't take kindly to having their livlihoods wiped out by CFs, are .... because they tend to side with the Taliban in order to fight to try to maintain bread on their table.

    Better then perhaps to leave the crop alone (for now), concentrate on the bad guys and look at realistic alternatives for the farmers which will maintain, or better yet, improve their quality of life. That might actually reduce the bad guys and save a few of the lives of our boys and girls in the longer term.

    Politically though, allowing the crop to exist doesn't sit right with the nice public back home. I suppose this is what happens when politicians are allowed to get too closely involved with the ground mission.


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