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Panorama- tonight

Anyone watching Panorama tonight? BBC1 2030

"For Queen & Country"- A documentary examining the impact of the Iraq war on morale and recruitment in the British armed forces""
Blair thinks he has been guided by God and his Gov has nobody in it who's served in the Forces. The treatment of the families has been and continues to be shameful. However, this Gov has demonstrated time and time again that shame is not something it recognises.
I think this is yet another example of the media preying upon the families of the war dead. What do you expect families in that position to say? Of course they feel bitter and grief stricken. Do you think it helps when they add a good dollop of "its all pointless anyway" from the liberal minded tossers at the Beeb.

Sorry but this adds nothing to the debate, it could be argued however that this kind if media output is doing far more to damage armed forces moral and recruitment. One sided bilge from what I saw.
Phil an excellant post.I was moved by the programme.Without sounding a big timing tw@t Ive had 3 tours in Iraq,ive had to attend 2 repatriation ceremonies during my time in Iraq. I dont agree with the political stance taken by the media. Its our job as servicemen/women,we cannot choice what conflicts to attend etc etc. The kit dramas have got 1000 times better since I was sat on a US landing ship off red beach on the AL FAW 19th March 2003. No lives are wasted,that sort of comment has to be the final insult to familes that have lost sons/daughters/dads /mothers in Iraq.

I think Mr Hyde the RMP's father was very dignified in his comments.I hope the press dont jump on this band wagon again ,as they are only interested in selling papers.
I take your point about the media, Phil but HMG has been draggging it's feet over the inquests something rotten. Add to that the recent report of Oxfordshire Assistant Deputy Coroner Andrew Walker being told, in no uncertain terms, that his services are no longer required by the MOD and we have yet more evidence that HMG (plus it's neo-con Masters across the pond) are not interested in criticism of any kind about this war. That Walker has been critical of the govt in at least four high profile and politically sensitive cases about lack of equipment, shoddy equipment, witholding of evidence from lawful inquests, etc. suggests that the govt's attitude can best be summed up as 'shut up, you don't know what you are talking about'. Just look at the track record, Phil: Tank crews had their body armour taken off them, six RMPs were sent into a dangerous area without GPMGs or grenades and only a couple of months ago the paras revealed that they had ben begging for the more expensive British or Canadian 0.5 cal rounds, which actually worked, rather than the cheap unreliable rubbish they bought of Pakistan and Chezch. And still RM had to complain about the crap ammo when they took over! As for snatch landrovers and lack of helo capcity - it's been four BLOODY years. Then there is the shameful things that have been happening to the wounded on NHS wards. Thank fcuk for the media on that one! Oh yeah. And they still resist i.e. they don't know how many wounded we have actually had thus far! Finally, don't anyone bother asking HMG about the prior unanswered question concerning the legality or otherwise of the war in the first place! Yes, the media will exploit certain situations but then again, they don't over report the deaths or film pictures of the wounded with their legs and arms hanging off, do they? Just because the Forces and their families simply kept their questions to themselves and buried dead in silence doesn't mean that was always a good or desirable thing.
Absolutely RM2.

Nobody likes the media especially me but the media are the opposition and without them the government would be accountable to no one.
I stopped reading or watching the news many years ago when I found myself hating someone I had never met…So when I watched that programme tonight it was through the eyes of someone who has never formed opinions by watching the BBC news or reading the Daily Wail.
The relatives of the dead soldiers were given an opportunity to voice their honest thoughts and their comments should not be dismissed because they were on a TV news programme.

Adam Ingram, The Defence Minister, summed it up when he came out with the imortal words "It is NOT the MODs responsibility". OK, he was being questioned about the length of time to carry out post mortems. But it basically sums up what this government think of OUR armed forces. FA!!!

As the mother from Staffordshire intimated, "If these incidents happened in UK the Health and Safety people would quickly be involved".

Phil1972, the damage being done to our servicemen and women is being done from Westminster, T B-liar and his inept and corrupt hench persons. Would it make any difference if it was your relative that had been killed and you had to wait three years to find out the circumstances? I have a Nephew out in the sand at the moment and God forbid he comes to any harm, but I can assure all and sundry that I would try everything imaginable to get to the truth if anything happened to him.

Semper Strenuissima.

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