Panorama Exclusive!


War Hero
Next programme shows undervcover footage of
someone taking (or giving) a bung......if that's
what you want to call it.



War Hero
Why couldn't Panorama have done the same expose with the Olympic bid.
Over budget and only of limited value to those who live outside of London.
Couldn't we now bid for the next Winter Olympics to get us further into debt? :wink:


War Hero
I wish Panorama would do something on 'Strictly Come Dogging' and 'Gash Factor', then just maybe, it would be fcuked off as well!!
22 FIFA voting Committee Members minus the two who voted for England's bid = 20 "Others".

The Maths indicates that, as 3 are already 'outed', Panorama has plenty of scope to team up with the News of the World and out the other 17 Fiffers.

This should become the new National Sport to replace soccer itself.
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