Panic over!

I was in Drake Sickery this morning getting treatment when a panic started and some young MA came in and asked what "SubMiss" was. Of course I told him then wished I hadn't because the LMA doing my treatment then fecked off straight away in case she was needed (Which is ok I suppose), but after she'd left, the young lad let slip that the SubMiss was in Florida, there I was stuck in the sickery with all the MA's running around not treating anyone because a sub was missing off Florida, oh how I laughed. Hahaha I said to myself :neutral:
Lamri said:
I was in Drake Sickery .......................a sub was missing off Florida, oh how I laughed. Hahaha I said to myself :neutral:

Having served in Dolphin, if I recall correctly if any such incident occurred (thankfully only on exercises when I was there), a pipe would have been made calling for all necessary personnel to report.

It seems a bit strange that this LMA would go blindly galloping off, in case she was needed :???: , without first checking the info on someone stating 'submiss' ?

Just as well she was not doing something of importance to any part of your body at the time.... :grin:


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Happened to us on the Brighton at Portland, the shore patrol came around the local hostelries ordering us all back on board. They would not have it that we were going anywhere as half our engine room was in the Burma Road. So off we all plodded only to go ashore again.


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Reminds me of an incident when I was on the old Ark Royal on exercise in the Bermuda Triangle in the late 70's. Didn't involve a sub but an aircraft being flown off a US carrier taking part in the exercise. We were at flying stations when the Ark got a call from the yank saying that one of its aircraft was missing after it had taken off sometime before. We suspended our normal flying and made haste towards the area of the reported loss. We launched aircraft to start a search pattern for the missing aircraft. This went on for about 3 hours when the yanks again contacted us to say that the panic was over. It turned out that the aircraft had indeed returned to the carrier but some knob head had forgotten to take the aircraft callsign off the flight board. It had been parked down the arse end and no one had thought to check down there before declaring the emergency.
Shakey said:
Bit of concern this morning over this particular story. It was feared it was a SUBSUNK.

US Navy loses the San Juan

And from another source

Did that on the Truncheon in 67 missed our check report while on a Nato exercise, Submiss was initiated and all other boats told to surface. When it was realized and various people had been shouted at we surfaced and sent off a check report. The sparker told me as he finished his transmission the receiver erupted with the whole world trying to calling him from Simonstown to Halifax. Its nice to know the system works.