Reading these pages over the last month it seems to be a right palava just to get into the mob these days…I suppose there is a lot more dead wood, chaff, chavs and wasters to filter out.
I remember going to Hull on the Friday for aptitude test, the following Monday to Newcastle for medical and three months later arriving at new entry block in Raliegh at about 2000 and immediately being whisked away to the dining hall for double egg, sausage, chips, beans and a large mug of strong, sweet tea….most welcome after a 9 hour train journey from oop north.
A week later in part 1 and on the parade ground for the first lesson of drill…being told by the G.I. that we were a right shower and should be ‘’ Shaved, shampooed, sorted out and shot’’.
I caught a glimpse of his boots that looked like a mirror and thought..’ I have made a mistake’
Six weeks later after passing out….no worries, stokers part 2 training was still done at Raliegh in those days so it was transfer from Revenge block to Resolution, changing the white part 1 gaiters to part 2 which were the colour of baby cack.
We felt like old salt’s but not as much as the Junior/ Ord dabs who had changed their boom defence branch badges to RP, Gunnery or TAS and were on to pastures new.
9 weeks later onto Vernon block to await ones first ship, unless you were a swot ( not me) and you went on to SSME.
Vernon shared the same dining hall with the new entry bods and they gave us the same look as I had given them 15 weeks previous only now we had ‘’ bin there done that and a whole lot more’’
After about 5 weeks me and 4 former classmates were summoned by Vernon block Chief…
‘’ You have all got the Forth’’, ‘’What is it’’ we asked.. ‘’A submarine depot ship attached to SM7’’…’’ Where is it’’?...’’ Singapore’’.
First sight of the Forth out on the buoy it looked as though she had one sub alongside, getting closer on the launch we discovered she was supplying juice and all the other essentials to four subs and a leander class.
First thing we were told when we got aboard was ‘’You are not stokers, you are juniors’’..which was not such a bad thing as we were in the juniors mess with junior dabs, greenies, sparkers and the like, our mess was port side, starboard side was spare crew for the boats…scary!!.
Singapore in the 60’s….you had to be there, most could write a book.


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