Palava 2


…………after about a month onboard we sailed for exercises with Oz, Kiwi and the Yanks.
First port of call was Penang ( Georgetown ) but I did not go ashore as I was skint, juniors pay, even with LOA was pretty poor and it was blank week, those that did were taken in hand by a couple of sea daddys and marched off to see an exibish.
This place had a token raid every day by the local plod ( on the take ) so everyone mustered at a couple of bars across the road, sure enough…ne na ne na..all slung out and arrests made, all then de-camped across the street…there were the usual Alsatians and a donkey which had no interest and needed a lot of manipulation to get ‘ wood’..he finally did his stuff but the star of the show was a young lady firing shelled hard boiled eggs from her lettuce, Jack did his best to catch these slippery missiles and eat them.
Doing our best to maintain our top speed of 10 knots one of our boilers developed a couple of leaky tubes and we had to call in at the nearest port of for repairs, this being Darwin ( before it was flattened by a hurricane )
Our crew drank the place dry in a couple of days and this being the grey funnel line had plenty of beer on board which Jack took to drinking on the upper deck to piss off the locals.
On the first day in Darwin a killick dabs took it upon himself to climb up onto the foyer of the hotel and piss all over anyone entering or leaving, he was dipped and got 28 days in Changi.
By the time we got to Sidney everyone else had been and gone so we had the place to ourselves, wandering round what we later found out was Kings Cross we noticed a lot of females cruising around in cars waving and piping there horns at us youngsters, friendly people we thought. Back to Singers and DED which meant going onto daywork routine as opposed to tropical which REALLY pissed off the RA’s but we thought was ace as we all moved into Terror barracks……..