Palace Guard

So, at long last, the Royal Navy has been allowed to stand Guard at Buck House ..... about time !!
But, I can't help wondering why they marched in to the tune of a TV programme (GOT) and not one of the more traditional Marches ..... Hearst of Oak etc ?
Still, finally someone in the MOD has seen some sense to honour the Navy ... after all we seemed to be good enough to pull the Gun carriage, or man the route for some dignitary ..
Bravo Zulu for you guys !!


The GOT theme was a wee bit of selective editing from some news channels, they marched in to Heart of Oak, the silly stuff came later.



Lantern Swinger
Took the chance to wander pass the palace today. Great to see Jack guarding HM, even though she wasn't there, but at least they are there to stop any squattersRN at Buck House.jpg
One of the pundits (McKay of the DM) reported that a 'source' from the MoD stated that the RN Guard looked 'scruffy' ..... probably some Simple Serpent or non-seagoing grunter with a shiny assed trousers in his uniform !!
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