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Painting a mental picture

MG Maniac

War Hero
So this weekend we were in France to celebrate 'er indoors birthday and Saturday night went out to a local resturant for big eats ... Quiet little place well off the beaten track ... set menus at 17 and 24 Euro which all depended on the starter ... 24 Euro they had seafood platter!

So sat at our table ... 'er indoors picks the seat with the view overlooking the river leaving me to survey the rest of the resturant. Anyway ... about half way through the first bottle of a reasonable "collapso" in troops this French family ... Twas Mothers day in France so there was Grandma and Grandad ... Son & daughter in law with their two kids ... and sons "big sister" ... now big sister is sat facing me ... definitely curvey in all the right places and very French "Chic" ...... then out comes this seafood platter! Crevettes, Langoustines, Mussels and Oysters!

Sister ... looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth picks up an oyster ... bit of lemon and slides it down her throat. No gag relex ... Jezuz wept! she had it off to a fine art!

So whats French for "you look practiced in eating oysters ... what else have you had sliding down your throat!" .... Sorry love ... what did you say????????????????? :razz:


War Hero
Oh yeah! Right ... this time I took a picture of 'er indoors with some tart in the background ... it usually takes 2 weeks for the bruises to go! they will be visible June 8th ?.
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