Hay guys the sport i play is Paintball and Paintball is the only sport i like it combines tactics with a military feel to it.I get most of my exercise out of paintball and hopefully i will be fit enough when it comes to the Royal Marine Tests.Most of my Games i play are down in Bristol and i play milsim Events wich recreate events like BlackHawkDown,Operation1944 and so on.But those events only pop up once in a while do to the huge cost it is to arrange an even.Also wanted to know if any of you guys played paintball ? I have some pics of me playing and another of a pic of my other Tippmann A5 marker.I have 3 guns all together.I have one tippmann with an 18inch barrel really good for popin peoples heads off at long ranges lol

My god why? Listen son, you need to pay attention, you seem keen and thats all good, but as you can see, paintball/airsoft/reenactors are given the respect they deserve ie none. Good for a laugh sure, especially shooting some one in the bum at close range, but this borders on Waltism (Pretending to be something you're not) and should probably be kept to yourself.
You might want to change your name to Potential RM or something if you wish to be taken seriously.
Don't be too discouraged, just have a think next time :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
RoyalMarine said:
I get most of my exercise out of paintball and hopefully i will be fit enough when it comes to the Royal Marine Tests
I was never a booty, but years ago I met a Colour Segeant Bean RM who was teaching me how to act like a sailor when I was in RNDQ's. He hated disfunctionals.

If that's any measure to go by, take a tip, join the RAF because I'm sure they are all about with paintballing.
I think he needs to join as a RN steward. Bet some of the other stewards would show him how to enjoy homself and have a real gay time.
Have an ex army oppo at work who keeps trying to get me to go along and play. No fucking way!! Mind you some of the weopons that they use are pretty realistic but have you seen the price of them FFS.

Hands up all those that think 'Royal' should carry that very realistic paintball gun around the next anti terrorist operation being carried out by the security forces.
Warfare isn't's a means to an end. Life is a lot more serious....go and get one.
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