Paintball near Portsmouth?

Evening lads, after Raleigh i'll be heading to Gosport for my AET training and was just wondering if there are any known paintballing centers near the Portsmouth area as it's a massive hobby of mine (twice a month, 40-50 of us meet up at a local center and blast the hell out of each other with our own guns and equipment).
Also, does anyone else here take part in the sport? (not just one time stag parties etc, proper tourny style with all the gear).
Just a thought
In my day all personal weapons (air rifles, shotguns etc) had to be locked in the armoury.
You wanted to shoot you had to get the duty armourer to sign the item out to you.
I would imagine paint balling equipment would come under the same regulations.
Pain in the arse and you wouldn't always be able to get your items when you needed them


Lantern Swinger
See the buffer/paint bosun and ask for a one inch brush and a pot of black enamel and ask him where to put it,you may have to visit Regents Park (London Zoo).
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