I go running usually 3-4 times a week and last week after i had been for a run i had a pain in my lower back and my right ankle but i didnt think nothing of it, but it has been a couple of days and i still have these pains, shud i go to see my GP or will it be ok after a few more days rest?
Is it the back of your shin?
If so then its shin splints, basically running on hard surfaces, and not having proper running shoes causes it.

The running impact causes damage to your shin and shin muscles, and also your lower spine can hurt from the impact energy being transfered up your back.

I was running once a day, got shin splints so i've had to resort to cycling instead for a week.

If my shin splints dont go away i'm just gonna have to put up with it in training.


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Ease off the running and maybe do some swimming for a week or so, if your twinges dont start to go away then you want to think about going to your GP. Everyone gets twinges at some point when running regularly.
Rest and ice packs on the affected areas may help.
Always do a proper warm up and a good long warm down before and after your runs, this will help prevent injuries.


Sounds like you have Acute Ibuprofen Deficiency Syndrome (don't try to abbreviate that!)
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