Pain in the Shines!!

Afternoon everyone!

Just a quick question........I think out pounding the streets is the best way for me to lose weight BUT I do get quite a bit of pain in my shins. I'm pretty sure this is down to me being overweight. is this right? and does anyone have any tips to combat this?

Or is it a matter of it will fade once I shift enough blubber?

I don't know how heavy you are, or how fit; but, I would recommend that you ease yourself gently into running and do not consider it the keystone of your training regime.

Look at lower impact stuff, like cycling, x-trainer, swimming etc. If you are not too self conscious do some fitness/aerobic classes.

Once you are fitter, start doing more running.


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Does the pain get better or worse as you continue running? Not suggesting you try to "run through it" mind. Is it always present, even when you aren't running?
G-Man_1991 said:
Could be shin splints. Not that I really know what they are, I've just seen it plastered around the Health and Fitness section a few times.
It won't be. It's a big bloke getting into running. Don't start getting shin splints written up on your medical records for God's sake.
G-Man_1991 said:
I know that you're a wise man JJ so what exactly are shin splints? Doesn't sound pleasant anyway 8O .
Best thing is to await AngryDocs response. He'll be along presently and will put your mind at rest.

Shin-splints are really bad and will hamper your progress, but less serious complaints can be labelled as such, and the term is often misleading.
G-Man_1991 said:
I know that you're a wise man JJ so what exactly are shin splints? Doesn't sound pleasant anyway 8O .
Shin Splints are an enormous pain in the arse, I know. Shin splints is just a general term for different symptoms, they can be caused by a variety of reasons eg poor running form, crap trainers or being overweight. My advice is to lay off the running for a month none at all and do as JJ says swimming etc. Then see where you are weight wise. If you havent already invest in a good pair of running trainers not the sort you would get from the likes of JD sports or whatever go to a proper running shop if possible or go onto the runners world website there will be a vast amount of information on there.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I cannot stress the importance of not just ignoring it and hope it goes away. I suffered for a year and a half with it. Most of that time I was just ignoring it.


All the important points have been covered to be honest.

JJ is 100% right about not earning a label - as several other posts recently have highlighted, earning a label can come back to haunt you.

Reduce the impact of your exercise (ie ease back on the road running for a bit), get some proper trainers - worth the investment, and slowly build things up. If you're carrying a few extra pounds then think about your diet, and if you smoke then stop.
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