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Discussion in 'UPO' started by Yaris, Nov 26, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys first post on here wondering ifanyone can help me out!

    Im joining raleigh in january and have recently been told on my PRNC that i could receive roughly 10 quid to drive to work? Im going in as a ETMS and will likley be based in faslane. I live in glasgow and so thats well within driving distance, might be a stupid question but does this mean when the sub im assigned to is in base undergoing maintinence or whatnot I would be able to drive to work and back rather than live soley on the base? or have I missunderstood..

  2. That's pretty much correct.

    Not 100% sure how it works on boats but on ships it's very much the norm.

    Sometimes you'll be duty and will have to stay onboard overnight and for the odd weekend, but yes when you are in base port, you can commute to work on a daily basis just like civvies. It's called 'living RA'. RA means 'residing ashore'.

    Downside is that you won't be allowed to eat onboard when you're meant to be at home, i.e. no fatboy scran in the galley before going out on the piss with the lads. Although a blind eye is often turned if the duty chef is sound.

    You claim HDT (Home to Duty Travel) which is about 25p a mile. You get nothing for the first 8 miles or so, therefore if you commute 9 miles you'll get 25p, if you commute 18 miles you'll get £2.50.
  3. There is no compulsion to live on the base. Many don't especially the married crew members. You will be required on board for duty watch. The only drawback I can see about commuting is that you are at the mercy of the traffic conditions and the RN takes a dim view of late comers.
  4. There was a move to lower one of the bands of HTD a tear or so ago. I recall it didn't happen, but I would not make too many financial calculations based on its future. There is a strong school of thought that says, 'What other employer pays you to drive to work?'. It is, after all, your choice where to live.
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  5. Thanks for the help, clears it up a lot.
    Definitely won't be basing financials around that anyway haha, was more the principle of living at home. :)
  6. A good point Rab. The whole 'using your car for work' angle. I recommend research. I certainly put a claim in every year on my tax return, although not for driving to and from work. I make / made sure I logged all those trips between Whale Island and Collingwood (for example), to go to meetings, that you never bother to claim for in JPA but the taxman will compensate you for.
  7. Watch out for the wording on your insurance/ claims forms, It may say something like "Your regular place of work". If you have an ******** in the UPO they can decline it if working elsewhere. "you are not insured as it is not your regular place of work"(Used to work in dolphin on HTD and worked occasionally in the dockyard )
  8. An oppo of mine is bragging all over Facebook about how he used some company to claim back his tax, he got about 1200 quid. Presumably they will have taken a hefty cut, but still it's gotta be worth it.
  9. That would be Rift. What he hasn't told you is that he now needs to keep every fuel receipt and will need to fill in a self-assessment tax form for the rest of his natural.

    Their cut is 25% of the claim as well.
  10. A few years back, wench slipped into the higher tax bracket and had to complete a self assessment, put down her daily travelling expenses (22 miles EW 21 days at work in 35) and got a nice little refund, only to have it all clawed back as she was not entitled to claim it as it was her normal place of work.

    As for HTDs, have things changed? Only time you were entitled was (and I am stretching my poor old memory here
    matrimonial address (shared with spouse) rented/owned
    accommodated ashore in MQs/rented accom, due to shortage of accom on board
    registered home address - owned

    If you chose to live ashore in rented accom/parental home you were not entitled
  11. That would be the one.

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