page size

Ive asked this on another thread,the pages seem to be getting wider anyone know why?ARRSE seems to have them right.comment from mods please.

Bad CO

Apologies for not getting round to this earlier. I'm in the process of being posted and have just moved house/started my new job. The RR theme hasn't been changed so there shouldn't be any problems. In due course we do plan on moving the 'new' ARRSE ones over to RR but it hasn't happened yet .....
I've been and am still concentrating on overhauling Rear Party ( - friends and families site for those who don't know ). Rum Ration will be next.

Combined with this will be some work on the general image and we've approached a cartoonist to create a Rum Ration equivalent of ARRSE's Mr PH . Watch this space.

The new themes (ie site colour schemes) are much better than the current ones in many ways and will cure existing formatting issues.