Paedochristians and their helpers in trouble again!

Looks like the Christian Brothers are in more hot water over their "Christian" treatment of young boys especially :x :x :evil: The nuns have come in for a battering too, but they were more interested in sadism than raping their captives.

The most damning bit is in Chapter 6 (volume 1 of the 5 volume Report) below:

6.24The lack of any safe, secure method of making a complaint was a serious difficulty for the boys. Boys could only speak about the actions of a Brother to another Brother and were naturally reluctant to do so, fearing that they would be disbelieved or reported back to the Brother about whom they complained of. In the 1940s, a sodality in Artane allowed boys to make complaints in a safe and confidential environment. Four sexual abusers were uncovered as a result, and were removed from the institution. This facility was discontinued and was never introduced into any other industrial school run by the Brothers. The obvious success of this initiative was not perceived as such by the Congregation, and it is probable that a great deal of the sexual abuse that continued unchecked for many decades in some schools could have been prevented by the introduction of a simple complaints mechanism.
It also turns out that the Government turned a blind eye to complaints.

The abuses have been described in the Report as 'systematic' not the actions of a few, twisted individuals. This is significant as the RCC have tried to avoid liability by claiming that the abuse was down to a few individuals rather than effectvely condoned and covered up by the Church itself.

Perhaps we'll have a sucessful attempt to sue the Vatican now.

Related to this, Colm O'Gorman was on Radio 4 again today. He has published a book recounting his experience of systematic sexual abuse within, and with the connivance of the Christian community, including parents in denail about the possibility the priests might be abusing their power.


I wish the Trades Descriptions Act was extended to cover religious groups. Then most Evangelical groups and the CBs would stop having to call themselves "Christian" and Muslim extremists would have to describe themselves as Psuedomuslims. :evil:
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