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Paedo teacher


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I can't believe nobody has flashed up the outrage bus about the teacher running off with the 15 year old girl yet. C'mon you outragers, you're slacking!


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I can't believe nobody has flashed up the outrage bus about the teacher running off with the 15 year old girl yet. C'mon you outragers, you're slacking!

Load of bollocks we are all too jealous to be outraged:laughing5:


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Jealous as ****, I wouldn't mind a school bus load of em.

When we went bagging off in the far flung we of course only shagged them with their birth certificates on them.


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Corrie turning into real life



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Looking at some of the 6th form totty that walk around all I can think of is utter jammy bastard.


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It's outrageous is what it is. I mean he could have at least taken the rest of his class with him.
Now me......I always had a hankering after my Religious Education teacher. She was a fox.
Her loss. In the meantime here's a picture to wet your appetite for all things appertaining
to (legal) 6th formers and the outrageous things you'd want to do with 'em.

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It seems that the only people who didn't know something was going on were the girls parents.Her class mates had a good idea as they'd been seen holding hands on a school trip to the States and the School authorities were investigating after someone snitched.I'll give it a couple of weeks at best before the money runs out and they're both dragged bach to Blighty to face the music.It takes two to Tango but for him the music will be a lot louder if not deafening.
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