Paddy Vincent

Discussion in 'History' started by jesse, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. :brave: Now! Officers were not my favourite people :evil: I do not recall many with any affection :( {Here comes a BUT!] But! anybody know if Captain Paddy Vincent is still living ?He was a two and a half when I first met him, he always reminded me of Clark Kent from the Superman comics. :scratch: I also like to think he was the inspiration for the character of Lt.Cdr Bollinger Badger from the John Winton "We joined the Navy" books. I believe that he was Chairman of a London branch of the R.N.A.If any one could update me on the old sod and even better give me a R.N.A.branch address so I could drop him a line I would be as chuffed as ten bastards :geek: Whether he would be chuffed to hear from "James you are the bane of my life" after all these years is a very moot point :roll: A p.m. would be welcome if you can aid me in this matter. :p
  2. Jesse might be helpful if you could notate where and when you served with him, so we can do a bit of research. Would like to try to help, as would many others :wink:
  3. He was a Lt.Cdr at the time i/c part one training H.MS Ceres about 1955 cheers :lol:
  4. I've PM'd you Jesse. :wink:

  5. He was my DO at Ceres too, in 1955. Also Supply Officer in OCEAN in 56. he has been a stalwart member of the SOLEBAY Association since it was founded 15 years ago BUT has dropped off the radar. Mail is being returned, and I understand that he has moved to be with his daughter. If you have a current mail address for him could you disclose it? I can let you have my email address.


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