Pad locks

on the kit for Raleigh it states that you have to get padlocks/key. Does it HAVE to a pad lock with a key? Or can I get a combination lock?

Thanks in advance.


War Hero
The letter:


Smart casual clothing As required
Swimwear 1
Training Shoes (For personal recreation) 1 pair
Tracksuit 1
Slippers or Flip Flops 1 pair
Large Towels 3
Wooden/Plastic Hangers (3 coat and 2 trousers/skirts) 5
Letter writing material (plus stamps) As required
Black Pens: 1 Ballpoint and 1 Black indelible marker pen 2
Soft yellow dusters (good quality – for polishing shoes) 2
Black Shoe Polish 1 large / 1 small tin
Steam iron (not travel iron) 1
Clothes brush 1
Shoe / boot brushes 1 set
Pressing cloth (non-fluffy tea towel or large, white handkerchief) 1
Sewing kit (including reels of button thread – 1 black, 1 dark green, 1 white, 1 light blue and 1 pair of scissors) 1
Spray bottle (household type, to aid ironing) 1
Padlocks and keys (medium sized – including spare keys – not combination') 2
Spare pair of spectacles / contact lenses (strongly advised – see note 5) As required
Hand washing powder or liquid hand wash. 1
Spending money (see note 6) £80 (recommended)
1 x 1 Ltr Water Bottle 1
Wrist Watch 1
Pool-Champ said:
Where do you put the key?
Don't tempt me. :wink:
Pool-Champ said:
Ninja_Stoker said:
If you re-read the letter it says padlock, not combination lock.
Thank you.
With a key you can loose, with a combination you can't.
Where do you put the key?
Don't worry - you'll be told where to put the key...and the spare key.


Book Reviewer
This shite is becoming duller than a lunar eclipse. I thought for a second this must be a wah, but surely nobody could lower themselves to this level of mongnest chasing a bite. Then again we have the three mongo's, Leo, Dim & Jiz. :roll:


War Hero
Maxi_77 said:
sgtpepperband said:
Ninja_Stoker said:
Indeed there are days when one laments the absence of Hig. :wink:
Surely things aren't THAT bad already..?! 8O :lol:
No worse
Dont be harsh, I miss Higs, and I got done as a nod with an "insecure locker", £100 fine, in 1985 that was shitloads of money! Put the key on a string necklace, whack it around your neck. For PT tuck it into your shoe, swimming, your trunks.

Once you pass out you can grow up and get a combo lock. If your really lucky you'll get drafted somewhere with a good bunch of lads and have no need to lock your locker.
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