Packages in Basic-yay or nay?

OH has gone to Raleigh and will be there on Val's Day. I fully understand drawing attention to guys down there isn't the best idea for them! I would hate to be the bringer of any teasing etc, even if in good humour.
But a small package on Valentines? (Obviously no kinky, embarrassing or inappropriate things...just like....a card, sweets, I don't know, the usual stuff :) )

Would that be acceptable? Or am I best off just spending that money on a bottle of red for myself to forget it's Valentine's in the first place? :p

I asked him, but then he was told "Here's the address, so everyone can send you things" and I can SO clearly hear possible sarcasm in that!!

I'm dealing with my feelings as expected (ups and downs, normal stress and worry haha) so not sending things wouldn't kill me, I just thought it'd be nice.

Thanks for any advice!
He will be very busy. However its still very important that he keeps in touch with you. I assume it is a new thing for him to be away from home for a prolonged period. It can be hard on both of you. You will be wondering what he is up to, what he is doing in his limited spare time and how much he is missing you.

He will be hoping you have set the sky box to record his favourite shows!


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You can send him parcels but a better option is get yourself a bottle of red and send him a picture of you drinking it, holding up a sign saying "thinking of you"

After all, it's the thought that counts :)
Well, that was an interesting google search... xD

Thanks guys, getting a clear no. ;)
Bottle of wine it is!

And not thinking about him missing me lol, was told weeks before he went that he wouldn't. :rolleyes: Men...
Just his way of coping with the enforced separation :)
Haha dunno about that, I originally asked him if he'd miss me if I were gone for 9 months, and he said probably not and when I got predictably huffy and all female-like he said he thought I'd said 9 weeks...and that he probably would miss me for 9 months. (Probably. lol xD )