Packages in basic training


Wondering if it is ok to send packages to Raleigh during basic training? Thinking of sending some sweets etc as a little care package but not sure if these are accepted?


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Parcels normally have to be opened in front of the staff to ensure that there is no contraband.
OP Should avoid referencing the expenses incurred in arranging this innocuous parcel.

eg Never send goodies with correspondence containing 'Enjoy, these cost me a boXX DELETED BY MODERATOR
Ask him to find out what his instructors favourite biscuits are? When he opens the package tell his to say "I've told her a million times I hate these biscuits do you want them staff?".

Bullshit baffles brains :)


Yeah you can parcels delivered if it is a parcel that needs signed for you have to go up to the post office to sign and oick it up yourself otherwise everything else gets sent down to your division and out in to the post pigeon hole. Just make sure anything that gets sent has your name, service number and your division on it

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