paasd me pjft, interview next!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by burnsy85, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. passed me pjft in 11.40 knw its not fast but its a pass,

    how long dose it usualy take for ya interview date?
    and whats happens next from there am goin in as warfare spec
    been told early jan but sum people are saying longer any one knw
    how long it takes for ya in take dates?
  2. Pardon?
  3. Hey, I've recently passed my PJFT too and I have my interview on the 6th.

    It took around a week for them to send me confirmation and an actual date for my interview and I passed my PJFT on the 6th of October.

    Not sure if this is a standard waiting time for everyone but hey ho, good luck.
  4. how long will i have to wait for an interview date and
    and do you knw the waitin times for warfare spec?
  5. gudluck lad
  6. Eh? Interviews after the PJFT? I had my pjft after my rt, interview and medical.
  7. i had my psy t medical but i had to get 2 teeth out so never had me medical signed of then i
    got me pjft forms in post so bookd it then got me medical signed of b4 i done it
  8. A guy in the AFCO told me that they've had to change the order of the recruitment process in order to speed it up, so for me the order has been:

    RT > Medical > PJFT > Interview.
  9. after raliegh do ya have to go straight to collingwood or do ya get time off b4 ya go down there
  10. Yeah thats the exact same for me. Are you at the London AFCO?
    Completed PJFT on 20th, still awaiting the letter that confirms my interview date.
  11. I go to the Leeds AFCO mate, good luck with your interview.
  12. I started under the old system and did RT, Interview, Medical and now just passed PJFT today (12.08 if your interested). So will I have to have another interview?


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