P8 at first, now fully fit, but when does my wait start?

Hi, a little help please :).

I applied to join the navy in May 2009, I passed all my tests but failed on my medical because of a knee injury and was declared P8, Ive recently went back in as havnt had trouble with it for 7 years now,they re-opened my application and the doc was realy impressed with my knee now and passed me, I was just wondering when my wait time would begin?
Would it be from 2009 when i first applied and done all mt tests or would it be 2011 when all i have had to do is show my knee?

Any help would be great!


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Hopefully the date you passed the initial recruiting test will possibly give a slight time advantage against a person initially applying today however the fact that the medical has only recently been passed (excellent news!) will probably mean your wait to join, if successful in all other elements, is best advised by your AFCO as they know the specific facts. A very rough guestimate is the wait to join will be roughly the current wait or your trade minus about half the time since passing the recruiting test - but that's a very rough approximation subject to your AFCO giving a more accurate picture.
hello sammyj12, if i remember correctly there was a member of this forum that started a thread stating as a mine warfare specialist he would answer questions over private messages when he could as there wasn't much info on it, but i can't find it for you, i could be imagining things haha, just try the search bar at the top i'm sure you'll find some previous questions on the subject. well done and good luck.

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