hi there guys. i first looked into becoming a p.t.i in the forces but found out the only force which allows this as a straight in principle is the RAF. which was my last choice for force to join.
i have now taken an a level in pe and soon finishing this. during the time of my a levels i decided to apply to the navy and have chosen to become an AET in the FAA.

now i was just wondering is it possible to become a p.t.i and is there any rule which you have to fulfil before you can change from AET. i want to get my trade as an AET and work for a while anyway but just wondering if down the line i can change to this ???

cheers besty
PT is a "sideways entry" branch. You have to join as something else before transferring to the PT branch.
You have to be a leading seaman for starters.

There are however opportunities to transfer to the PT branch to become a PTI, and everyone starts from another branch (what they joined up as, in your case AET).

Best of luck. :)


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The official line is that you cannot transfer to another branch once you have joined & it would be extremely foolhardy to expect that it is possible to do so, regardless of what opinions some may have.

When you sign on, you sign an understanding that you cannot transfer.

For a transfer to be even considered the branch you're in has to be "over-manned" (AET isn't) and the branch you wish to join has to be "under-manned" (PTI isn't & is likely to remain that way).

Not trying to be unduly negative, just realistic.

Good luck whatever you choose to do.
cheers guys. wel as i said ive just applied for AET. i passed my medical so waiting for my entry date after ive done the fitness test. . just wondering about it though cause it was my first choice. just i wanted to join navy or army and not raf. so didnt do p.t.i.
but il be happy enough to stay on as an AET> i just enjoy sport. and i been told as AET theres plenty of time for that .
cheers for teh advice tho. i guess il find more out once im in. x

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