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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by skyvet, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone remember the metal models of P or O boats that were around in the 60's? I remember having one that I acquired in Dolphin for a few DF's and sippers. I think they were cast in one of the Dolphin workshops, and were pretty rough when you first got it, but after hours of polishing with a bit of wet and dry and some bluebell, they shone like a new penny. I actually made masts for mine, (sad I know) and the finished article was mounted on a wooden plinth and looked the DB's! Then I went and gave it to my (then) local pub in North Shields when in an alcohol induced good mood!
    If anyone knows whether these might still be available somewhere (unlikely as that is) I'd be very interested.
  2. Yes shipmate I had one from Dolphin, did exactly the same with mine and gave it to the local, its still on the wall now.

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  3. I asked my oppo 'bomber' Harris to get me one so i could wet n dry it during the forthcoming trip to pass the time. Bomber could get absolutely ANYTHING and duly came up with the model.for the usual price, half a tot i think. It was made out of phospor bronze if i can remember, like an aluminium type metal. Rough cast and needed a LOT of wet n drying. We were at sea for weeks where i duly sat in the w/t shack polishing my model ! (when deep of course) It was almost the finished article and had plans to mount it on a mahogony plinth for the top of the telly. We went up to Rosyth for a refit after the trip and, as usual the dockyard maties were down the boat before we could get off for leave etc. The w/t shack was up to be fitted with bids instead of a tape recorder etc , so after the C B'S were removed they were in there like a shot. It was a couple of days later when i was hunting round for my highly polished O boat model that i realised that it was missing. Now i am NOT blaming the Jock dockies OR the RS (one Dutchy Holland ) but it had certainly disappeared! Hope it found a good home.
  4. Ive got one at home in bronze.I was thinking of getting a mould done so that I could make some more in case anyone wanted one. Its an O boat model.I'll have a look round here in Stoke to see if anybody can do one.
  5. Rod-Gearing .... have PM'd you. Cheers
  6. :money: :toilet: Nothing to do with P & O metal boats and stuff but I do recall a little trip from the Falklands - Ascension on the SS Uganda and having to teach the young P & O Officers morse by flashing light. One of the students was a very attractive young lady called Emma, tanned, blonde and extremely sexy and of course, way out of my league but hey, in my dreams we had great sex on the upper deck if you know what I mean !!! HB :dwarf:
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think the subject is Submarines HB not Liners :thumright:
  8. :toilet: :tp: Deeps, so very sorry for invading this thread, I saw P & O & immediately went to skimmer mode, post Falklands and liners, and of course ...............EMMA !!!!!!!!! Sorry, have to think up some pressure head stories for you diesel types, there was the visit to St Angelo...................... For later me thinks !! HB :rambo: :threaten:
  9. janner

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    No problems HB, your lack of understanding is presumed anyway, you being a Bunting :pukel: :pukel:
  10. I would be interested in obtaining one.Does anybody know of anything similar for a trafalgar class boat?
  11. Seen them in Navy News in adverts pages
  12. I have not seen a T-boat in there yet.
  13. Have a tie pin from CONX commisioning in 1971 with an excellent representaion of the boat, think it was courtesy of Cammell Lairds - and still proud to have it and wear it............
  14. Well shippers if you ever want to pass it on let me know!
  15. The company in Navy News do a lot of models, not just the one they show in the ad.
    I had one given to me recently and it came with a catalogue of the other vessels they do.
    They have all the modern boats along with a big selection of skimmers from just after the war until present.
    Well worth it if you want a momento of the vessels you have served on or as a gift for someone.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do you have a web link for the company?
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks, it takes me to a web address selling site
  18. Jollysailor .... could you confirm the web address again please. I tried it and got the same result Janner did. Cheers
  19. ooops sorry guys typo. Should be


    there is a phone number too
    01509 213789

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