P.C refusing posting to Israel embassy


Lot of blather about at present re the Met DPG officer refusing to guard the embassy, because he is a Muslim.

The Met have produced the spurious reason that they have complied with his request on Health & Safety grounds. Any suggestion that they are once again giving preferential treatment to an ethnic minority copper is according to them rubbish!!

Everybody has completely missed the point here. Given their propensity for martyrdom. Who in their right mind gives a bloody gun to a Muslim!!!!!!


War Hero
See - pandering again! I woudl have thought that a Policeman is treated in a similar way as a serviceman when it comes to postings. You are asked for your preferences, but when it comes to the needs of the service, your preferences don't always come top of the list.

He should have been told to get on with it.

I have been informed that I will soon be either posted to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Or even worse the fecking Isle of Man!!!!!!!!!!

Due to the nature of my employment with HMQ SF there is a great risk of being injured/wounded or killed.

Under the health and safety act of 1856 paragraph 18 section five where no man shall go to war unless he so desires to do so. I would desire you posted me to counting turtle eggs in the Seychelle Islands.