Ozzie O boat for sale on ebay gen up no dit

oz/RAN said:
What do you reckon......put it in your front yard with a garden gnome as trot sentry and listen to the neighbours bitch!

Otama was purchased for $500,000 with the intention to make it a shore side exhibit. however costs got too inhibitive so now the owners are selling it.
Buy it now price $4.9 million

Mate I know things are a bit slow in WA but yer news is a bit old see "Psst wanna buy an O Boat?" on RR


Lantern Swinger
I don't know why they wanted to preserve her in the first place. Oz already has two perfectly preserved Oberons and partial hull monuments of a further 2, and whilst it's a big place, I'm sure that's more than enough considering they only operated 6 in it's lifetime.

It's an amazing sub to walk through though. I visted the Onslow in Darling harbour. Reminded me too much of Das Boot.
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