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nice video and as an ex Leander man soooo sad, there an interesting thread in the Submariners forum on the Argentine sub San Luis which was very active during op corporate,it topedoed Arrow ,Alacrity,thankfully they missed and her firing compter went tits up
The boat was HMAS Farncomb abd the ship was ex HMAS Torrens. i was on watch in the engine room,kept the base plate of the grenade we sent up prior to launch. polished up to the brass and on my shelf.
My oppo I now work with on the rig was an ex torrens stoker, i take fun in reminding him about his old ship when we spin the warries.He winds me up in return as he sticks with the old clearance diver and the dynamite conspiracy, they reckon the Mk 48 missed and the CDs finished her off.

iI have a periphot video taken from the search, she stayed bobbing around in two pieces , the stern up in the air for about four hours before eventually disappearing.

a few years prior they had used a Standard missile warhead to blow up the ex HMAS Derwent as a DC excercise, they kept the crew onboard for that closed up in section bases and then they fought fires etc. Some skimmer and civvy boffins suggested that crew should stay in Torrens for the mk 48 trial,till some one put them straight.

it was done in secret and the footage released to the news after the event, it shot the newspapers down in shit with their previous reports on the Collins "Dud" subs stories.


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Very impressive - sinking a tethered goat.

I understand that the Mk48 had some major problems acquiring a stopped silent target. Not very impressive really.
Looked pretty good to me! To bad we couldn't do that/ Thumbs up to the Oz for even allowing this to happen. Well done to all involved.

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