Oxygen Thieves

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Nutty, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. MOD's and CO's

    Is it is technically possible why make the delete button for a posting available to all members when a person is declared an Oxygen Thief. Then as soon a member without previous conviction sees the post he can, if he so wants, delete the said post.

  2. Nutty in short mate no. I wish we could but we cannot. At the moment there are a few posters that need binning however until that forums MOD tips up there is not a lot any other MOD can do .
  3. NO NO NO NO more censorship please, just ignore them if you don`t want to read them, some of them are fun, depends on your point of view.
  4. Everyone needs a muse, leave them, let them drown in their own stupidity.
  5. RR is for free speech so if you do not agree with the poster, ignore him.
  6. Someone on Arrse has created this software which allows you to hide posts on your own machine by a particular author:


    This does not delete their posts from the site. It merely hides them from view on your own computer if you wish. You just select a user you want to ignore and your computer will not show his posts, but those posts will still be there for everyone else to see.

    Not sure if it works on RR however, though I'd presume so.
  7. Another forum I use (bikers one) has that facility as well and is very useful for those who annoy you. Could be worth our boss implementing on this forum? What do you think then CO?
  8. what a suprise - the oh so powerfull

    Im off to spain to my yacht - hope u let me in in october xxxxxxx
  9. HE HE HE go on kid yourself mate were really impressed you have a yacht .
  10. Well hope to feck you don't dock in Cartagena cos Nutty and I have people in high places
  11. Nice idea Nutty - keep trying. Seriously though, as others have said, if we ignore them we deprive them of air time and with luck they will thin out.

  12. Skippy has gone. Walt Finder General

    I miss her :bball:
  13. Higs is right …spudgun was brilliant , made me laugh out loud and certainly makes a change from the front page of the Mail…..
    There`s some on here that take themselves far to seriously…..
  14. ARRSE has much worse trouble with idiots than Rum Ration although we've that to look forward to if RR grows to the same size perhaps.

    As a result we tried a couple of things - one being the ignore add on that BFG created (link above) and another being 'Troll Hunter' which made it possible for admin to flag a user as a troll making their posts invisible to anyone but themselves. The idea being that they then crack on in blissful ignorance thinking everyone can see their drivel, and are actually ignored rather than encouraged by people getting wound up.

    Given the current state here I don't think the site warrants the (mixed success) 'troll hunter' but I would suggest that you use BFG's add-on if idiots do bother you a lot.

    (Protons i hope u have a gr8 time on yr yot)
  15. Here's another suggestion. why not impose a time limit on newbie posts, say 10 minutes between their posts, if they are legit they will stick around, if they are a troll they may get bored or frustrated and flee...make it last for say 10 posts, so in order for the Walt/Troll to carry on a stupid conversation it would take them 100 Minutes to make 10 posts, and by that time we will have run it into the ground... :thumright:
  16. That's nothing. When I was a boy, many moons ago, I had a submarine which I used to play with in my bath. It was grey pastic, had a clear, narrow plastic tube emerging from the top, and when you sucked on it the thing sank between my legs and the soap bubbles, and reemerged when I blew.

    Do please avoid Cartagena, as I have a well bronzed oppo out there wielding his kit bag. He's promised to wait for me... so I don't want him eloping with some yachty.
  17. You've got snags civvy :confused:
  18. Recently made an oxygen thief my a moderator, and when I continually asked for the 'validated evidence' this person had, was denied. I now can no longer reply to this person, due to their overwhelming keyboard power? If the MOD has a problem with military issues posted on this site, then I can understand their concern. We can all flip over to Sky news for an update can't we? When they find a way to censor RR members for 'personal reasons', but can't back it up, then it is a little piss poor. Unfortunately the internet (and personal correspondence) is a little bit bigger then them.
  19. leave it...........................
  20. Thanks for all the thought that went into that BH????

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