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Oxygen Thief


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Did the patient the paramedics were treating have to go to hospital, did the f**kwit nicking the ambulance make their condition worse?

Break the shits legs, then when the plaster comes off, break the f***ing things again :idea: :cool: :cool:


Lantern Swinger
Come on Lads & Lassies he comes from a one parent family, nobody understands him, he has no real friends, he only gets hand outs from the social isn't he allowed to have some fun. Isn't an ambulance a public service vehicle well he is a member of the public. :evil:
Now he is having a holiday at the publics expense and he will learn new skills in the nick learning how to pick locks, how to to milk the social, how to mug little old ladies. Also he will have a key to his cell out of respect :eek:
At the end of his sentence he can claim for new clothes because his old ones don't fit :twisted:

Give him a chance he might kill himself next time :razz:
Peter said:
What I would like to know; If he is nineteen years old, why is he being sent to a young offenders institute? Wouldn't a regular prison be more fitting for his age?

Please correct me if I happen to be wrong here, but at sixteen one leaves compulsory education and at eighteen one is entitled to the vote. So theoretically, shouldn't a nineteen year old be tried and treated as an adult?

Sixty miles per hour through a housing estate? That's six points on the licence isn't it? Driving without insurance or a licence? Now I'm sure there is a prison sentence there somewhere. Oh here's one! THEFT! So maybe six or seven years in Pentonville might be more appropriate?

it's all down to the pre-sentence report. As for 19yrs old they try not to send them to prison till the 21!
It really is a sh*t state when little twats like those mentioned have the upper hand in everything they do because the system is too f*cking soft to do anything to them.
How many of these liitle chav twats will scream for compensation because they had their human rights surpressed.
could really get on my soapbox but keep getting visions of torturing pikey chav scum, probably best to stop!


War Hero
TattooDog said:
On a related note:

Gosport Chavs Beat Up Paramedic

And he's going to carry on with his job - good luck to him. It's the sort of job where you wouldn't expect this to happen!

******* disgraceful but unfortunately not an unisolated episode. During weekend night my vehicle is locked when i'm in it, or away from it. I dont go into known rough pubs without a police escort and any little shit that want to bring it on with nutty once on the back had better stand by for a pasting. Bottom line is my life is more important than my job.


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