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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. From a Northern newspaper

    A TEENAGER who stole and wrote off a £100,000 ambulance was jailed for three years today.

    Public menace Steven McGladdery, 19, wandered into a house where the crew were treating a casualty and stole the keys from a paramedic's pocket.

    He then led police on a 60mph pursuit through a Middlesbrough housing estate on February 8 before crashing the Mercedes Benz ambulance into a wall and a car.

    McGladdery, who was on his third Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) for stealing a car and ramming a police car, was found hiding by a police dog.

    McGladdery, of Moorbeck Way, Ormesby, was sentenced to three years in a young offender's institution, disqualified for four years, and given a fresh ASBO for three years on his release.

    He pleaded guilty at Teesside Crown Court to aggravated vehicle taking, driving while disqualified, no insurance and breach of an ASBO.


    THIRD ASBO??? So yes, ASBO's obviously do work then. He's nineteen and gets sent to a young offenders' institute for a paltry three years. We've got lads younger than him fighting for the country and this waste of space interferes with an emergency and destroys a valuable community resource and gets three years (ie. eighteen months) in a soft prison.
  2. As an ASBO is supposed to be a last resort before a custodial sentence is imposed why was this scroat on his third final chance. Should have been given three years after his first ASBO.
  3. fecking idiot.......and the "social workers" and et all involved with him......
  4. ASBO's are badges of "honour" worn by these chav scum
  5. Even if this McGladdery had or was even capable of holding down a job, what sort of job would it be and how long would it take him to pay off the cost of another £100 000 ambulance?

    Which was paid for by our taxes.

    Also, they're now an ambulance short in Middlesbrough but who do you think will get the blame if there's no ambulance available in time to get to someone having a heart attack or whatever? It'll be the ambulance service, not that waste of rations McGladdery.
  6. What I would like to know; If he is nineteen years old, why is he being sent to a young offenders institute? Wouldn't a regular prison be more fitting for his age?

    Please correct me if I happen to be wrong here, but at sixteen one leaves compulsory education and at eighteen one is entitled to the vote. So theoretically, shouldn't a nineteen year old be tried and treated as an adult?

    Sixty miles per hour through a housing estate? That's six points on the licence isn't it? Driving without insurance or a licence? Now I'm sure there is a prison sentence there somewhere. Oh here's one! THEFT! So maybe six or seven years in Pentonville might be more appropriate?
  7. Yeah, and to really rub our noses in it I bet he didn't have the blue lights and the woo-woos on too. :wink:
  8. This is one occasion when I wish there was a vigilante. We need someone to give the cnut the kicking he deserves. If the courts weren't so soft on these peices of shit the country would be a far better place.
  9. Actually, if you watch the video, you will see that he didn't.
  10. WTF?
  11. There were a spate of recent thefts of GPS systems from ambulances in the midlands. The local news had to report that these systems are useless in anything other than Ambulances so attempting to sell them would be non starter. Its a sad state of affairs but i have to lock our vehicle outside of A&E everytime i attend for fear that half the kit will go missing if left unlocked. Unfortunately the ambulance service is a bit of an unsung hero due to being underfunded and crapped on from a great height. Therefore there are never enough vehicles to cover a town such as where i work so people suffer. My only wish would have been that he would have wrote the vehicle off properly thus killing himself and putting himself out of his miserable shitehawk life.

  12. People probably will think I'm a heartless bastrd but here goes. whenever I hear of joyriders killing themselves when driving stolen vehicles I feel grateful that another thieving bastrd has been removed from the planet.
  13. Slim.

    Problem with that mate is that they usually take out a poor innocent bystander or driver aswell as themselves. I've been to jobs where the car, usually a chaved up corsa has lost control and careered into another oncoming vehicle killing themselves and the other driver. Its usually when you see a baby seat in the back of the "good guys" car that you REALLY REALLY want to just beat 10 bells of shite out of the chav whilst he's screaming for help because his legs are trapped. Nutties general reply........."And what do you want me to do about it you little twat!!" Can you sense a feeling of anger and frustration from me towards these cnuts slim?? :sad: :evil:
  14. I must be a heartless bastard as well then as I feel exactly the same "slim" , scum of the earth ********* every one of them , :evil: :evil:

  15. So how come said shithouse was not already in prison for ramming a police car in a previous incident ,

    10 years in adult prison , no remission , banned for life [not that he'd take any notice of the ban though ] , no television or computers ,

    I'm just getting wound up now , few pints tonight I think , :evil:
  16. I am a heartless bastard and when I used to attend fatals where the 'joyrider' had gone to meet his maker I believed in God because the 'legal system', as opposed to the system of justice wasn't going to do anything.
  17. You can be sent to a YOI up to the age of 20, I seem to recall, Peter.
  18. Disqualified for four years

    What a joke!! Does he have a full license not that would bother him of course. Four years on a chain gang repairing a road until the ambulance was paid for would be much better.

    We had two knobs last week side by side racing as in drag racing style down the two sides of the road the speed bumps where useless they just sailed over the top. Two cars where probably robbed. You phone the Gardai and as in the UK you wait forever for nobody to arrive. We where walking to the local pub they could have mounted the pavement and that would have been us gone.

    Yes we hear so many sad tales of good samaritans getting ripped off stopping to help a RTA and the nurse had her handbag stolen as she helped.
  19. 10 years in adult prison , no remission , banned for life [not that he'd take any notice of the ban though ] , no television or computers ,

    No television or computers!! Are you serious, that would really hurt. He'd be off to Brussels with that one. The rest is acceptable for him as it does not restrict him. 10 years in prison (where- there are no spaces), no remission (again no spaces so he would probably just get tagged and we all know THAT really works) and you have already stated the obvious with the ban. Take away his PC and Sky! Then watch him cry.....
  20. Also prevents the pollution of the gene poll.

    Always felt there was something to be said for taking the little bugger out the back and giving them a damned good kicking but not allowed to do that anymore - they can cause as much damage as they like, threaten, rob, maim, kill and still they get a pat on the back and sent on their way. I Say FRY THEM

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