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When I first joined RR I had not heard of the title “Oxygen Thief†so did not understand why some members were honoured with tag. After a while the fog of senility parted and I realised that the tag was awarded as a disciplinary measure. Ah thought I its like a yellow card in Footie, feck up again and yer orf!!

As time has progressed on the site I have realised that the warning element is only relevant if an offending member respects or treats it in the manner outlined above. If a member so warned doesn’t give a toss the tag is as much good as tits on a lemon sole!!.

Then there is the advice to members given on the tag itself, “DO NOT RESPONDâ€. What happens? The tagged offender makes a post and other members duly do respond!!!! Ergo----- as much use as balls on a blackface ewe!!!

In the Mob, when awarded, “stoppage of leave†had the element of not being able to join your oppos on their fun filled runs ashore. Agonies were suffered when the said oppos rolled back on board and enlightened the transgressor with their tales of derring do. To this end I agree with the member who suggested that once awarded to an offender the Oxygen Thief should be allowed to view posts but not actually take part in the discussions for a set and defined time.

I also agree with that great Spanish sage El Nuttio who says that a transgressor, once banned should stay banned. My reasoning is that this website is very liberal and forgiving and gives masses of leeway but if a member fecks up big time they have steamed down a narrow channel and ignored the nav marks so they end up on the beach.

A few thoughts from a Noddied out

As with the O2 tag polariod, if someone is banned and wants to get back onto site, its not really that much of a problem. ISP addresses, e-mail address etc which are used to identify members can be easily obtained. So even a ban is not that effective.
I can see you point though, and as for the not allowing the O2 tagged members to post, is this not the same as a suspension? as you do not have to be a member to be able to read the posts!
I agree somewhere like this punishment only is effective if the recipient accepts it.

Those like dear Norman who probably have 'spare' IDs ready for their next ban will never really be affected especially if as now happens they are given a free run with their new ID until the once again cross the line. I do think if some one does enough to get banned then whenever they appear in an alter ego that gets the heave straight away
slim said:
Ah Normans back again, this time as Marline splike.
I had wondered who was jabbing me from behind!

PS: Slim, are you the Daily Wail journo whose been posting elsewhere on this site, under an assumed name? ;)
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