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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by The_Jimmy, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Corpus Christi College beat Manchester University in the final of University Challenge unfairly by using a person who was not a current student at Corpus Christi College. :evil:

    I have heard that Oxford has been caught out a few times at trying to be professional cheats from Cambridge students in the past.

    My old Uni didnt get up to those tricks....or did they? :twisted:
  2. They only cheated in the eyes of the rules, not really in the spirit of the game. The person who was not a student in the final was a student through most of the rounds. He also had every intention of being a student in the final, it was merely his inability to attain PhD funding that put an end to that.

    Whilst it is clear that Manchester should take the win, I don't think Corpus Christi had the intention to break the rules.
  3. What did Corpus Christi win by?
    Would they still have won if the non-student hadn't been playing? i.e. were the other players' scores enough to beat Manchester without him?

    If so, I don't think they should have been stripped of the victory.
  4. Can't remember seeing much of him in the final - or any others rounds for that matter - Gail Trimble was the star of the series answering over 80% of CCs questions without any help.
  5. yet another example of the do-gooders sticking the oars in.Manchester did not complain and have not asked for any changes. They guy was not a student at the time due to the fcuked up system and I think most of the STUDENTS involved understand and sympathise with that
  6. The non-student guy answered 2 starter questions for 10 which took them from behind to the lead. The effect of this on the moral of both teams is difficult to calculate.

    Also - the non-student guy answered a lot of questions in previous rounds when he was not a student.
  7. I sympathise with Corpus Christi but if they broke the rules (for whatever reason) they should be disqualified otherwise what is the point of having rules?

    It seems harsh in the circumstances and it would appear that the rules were not broken with any deliberate intention to deceive but they were broken.
  8. Common sense and decency from Manchester

  9. Having watched UC ever since Bamber was the questionmaster - no impatient hectoring and no obvious inclination towards the old universities and "Have to hurry you", rather than the peevish "Come on!" employed by Paxo - this final was one of the very best, with the contest only being decided in the last couple of minutes. Corpus Christi then won by a veritable street on the back of the captains quicker thumb.

    Good for Mr Yeo, without whom Mancunia wouldn't have had a prayer, incidentally! I'm sad for Ms Trimble, as she was a really supportive captain and a natural leader - lots of "Well done" and commiseration when an answer went awry. I've always thought that the contest should be restricted to first degree students, rather than padding the teams out with Masters and PhDs, but it's a bit disingenuous to exclude a team simply because one of their number can no longer afford to be a student and has had to give up his studies during the competition, IMHO.
  10. I don't think it makes a great deal of difference who won really. When they come out of uni they'll end up wearing pin striped suits and work in the city and fleece the rest of us as they've been doing for yonks....
  11. There's some simply superb journalism going on by BBC radio 1 today. Referring to Gail Trimble as a cheat. Cue The British sub-class Goody wroshipping chav mongs witch hunting her and burning her house down.
  12. Does your uniformed generalisation include Doctors, Teachers, Scientists and Engineers?
  13. Pity shes not a MILF or I could track her to her local tescos
  14. So here is a man, together with his team and associates, happy to Bend or Break the rules, who is now training to be an Accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers one of the five largest Accountancy Firms in the world. What chance has our financial system if this is the basis of the honesty of this generation.

  15. Whilst still feeling a little sorry for Corpus Christi, they clearly intended to break the rules.

    I was on it as a captain a few years ago (standing by for incoming) and we couldn't use finalists as there was no guarantee they'd be students for the duration of filming - you are told explicitly not to use them. The captain - Ms Trimble - has responsibility for signing off the team, and she in all probability knew he wasn't going to be there; in the rounds when he wasn't a student, they said nowt as he announced that he was a student to the camera when they knew full well he wasn't. It puts other teams at a major disadvantage - in our case represented a small Oxbridge college against a very large civic university and we couldn't pick from a third of our membership. Breaking the rules in that sense really does bias the competition.

    The issue about PhD funding is also something of a red herring. Given he wanted to stay on at Oxford, and in an era of quota studentships (and given that IIRC filming only starts in June/July) he would in all probability have known he hadn't got funding either before or early in the summer; he'd have known he was leaving either right at the start or very soon thereafter. Some of the Research Councils go later but this is less and less common. He's playing the poor student card after the fact, but it doesn't really wash.

    IMHO BZ to the BBC for doing the difficult thing and maintaining the integrity of the competition.
  16. Oh FFS, I give up. Thank fcuk you moved abroad you whining cnut.
  17. Gail Trimble's the best I've ever seen on it, but she's also the captain who signed him off on the paperwork and then went along with it, in flagrant violation of the rules - so in the technical sense at least they're not wrong.

    I am - as a fan of the show - gutted they didn't just get someone else for his slot, because she was so talented she deserved to be a UC legend, but it's partly her own mistake.
  18. Okay, so I didn't see any of this, but the way I see it, they are the rest of them are students and so probably have better access to any resources they may need, whereas he was doing this whilst working at a very large and successful accountancy firm...I think he did pretty well!
  19. Good point GONBEAR, but in actual fact I've worked with all those specialty academicians you mention, and am married to one of them, so point taken and I should be a bit more specific. I'm still seething at what the so-called educated folk have done to our economy - aren't you ?
  20. Cast a fly upon the water and catch a "No, I said CENTRE left MODERATE Social Liberal". type person.


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