Owning a man's soul

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chaffed_and_tender, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Around eleven AM, I blundered into the cabin and caught my cabin-mate wrestling with the veiny beast. Now, as far as I am concerned, that means I now own his soul. I could be wrong, so I thought I would come on here (but not that way) to seek the erudite opinion of my fellow DL alumni. Does the the act of catching another gentleman ripping the head off it confer ownership of his mortal soul?
  2. Possibly but defo plenty of wets or you white rat on him when he's trying to trap.
  3. I would say not. After 22 years in the mob and many a lonely night at sea,I have been compromised on more than one occasion. Therefore the "ownership" would come into contention. Is posession 9/10ths of the law Ie: the first person to catch someone. Or would ownership be transferred to the latest.

    Not such an easy call really
  4. Any Matelot worthy of the name should've mastered the stealth [email protected], and be able to bar himself over, undetected, in any social gathering. Indeed, to quote Anson from The Establishment of Rules Concerning the Lower Deck, 1775:

  5. The killick (now chief) diver off the Hurworth owns my soul then, for cracking one out in the shower. :wink:
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. I reckon you own his soul in this life, the next life, and any other lives he may live. Careless chap.
  8. Don't forget if he is ginger then he is devoid of any soul whatsoever. I suggest asking him for money instead.
  9. Not quite what everyone is chatting about but a ferkin hilarious ditty anyway. Back in 86 whil serving as a killick on the Southampton, we were on A Windies trip, with a few stateside visits thrown in. Anyway we stopped in TAMPA Florida for 2 weeks station leave. Near our berth was a bar (apply christened the duty watch bar by the Ships Co.) I decided to take my baby Chef out for a cpl of drinks and give him the benefit of my stateside experience. To cut a long story short, we ended up trapping a short round fat yank bird and proceded back to hers for a bit of hidey sausage. Daz (my baby chef) had never experienced the fun of two's up before. Being the experienced sailor i was i let him have first dibs of the hairy pie as i slid my salami into her awaiting eager mouth. with daz pounding away like a heat seeking ferret, i enjoyed the warmth of said fat yanks mouth until i emptied my baby batter all over her face and neck. After wiping my cock on her pillow i rolled away just as Daz emptied his young energetic nads into her love tunnel. Being the young gent that he was he then asked if she was ok and started to kiss the young fat yanks neck........... I almost made the mistake of telling him to stop..but no he would have to find out for himself. As i heard the soft smacking of his lips gently kissing her neck, 10 seconds later a horrendous URGHH !!!! came from the direction of Daz, and the sight of my Man fat all over his lips and chin. He asked nay, pleaded with me not to tell the rest of the lads in the messdeck what had happened " no probs" replied I. Upon returning onboard at approx 0700, we went down the mess, cracked a cpl of cans of red death (those were the days) and upon interrogation fron fellow messmates as to our whereabouts all night i could see the pained, pleading look in Daz's eyes as i relayed tales of our debaucherous evening to our messmates. I never told them about Daz's misshap with my baby batter, but i think they may have guessed when i said to Daz "Oi spunk lips pass another couple of tinnys out"
  10. I would suggest that perhaps if he allowed himself to be caught in a shared cabin then he may already be considered souless and as such not much of a catch for those interested in soul ownership.
  11. Ah, but if you carry on wanking when caught you get to keep your soul. Little known loophole that, see Clause 3 of The Establishment of Rules Concerning the Lower Deck, 1775.
  12. Only if you took a photograph.
  13. Then not only might you own a soul, but you could also have a marketable picture too.
  14. I once took Oinky Attaks wank sock into the CPO Mess social to display it to the guests -crusty fcuking thing it was too, he kept it under his pillow along with his jizz mags in the After 3 berth on YORK.
  15. He kept it afterbirth? 8O
  16. Serving on a small boat we went to Jersey,I picked up what I thought was a nice peice of fanny candy and had a knee trembler.and 'cos I was pissed it seemed a good idea to take her back to the boat to give my oppos a treat especially as she boasted of shagging 40 blokes in eight weeks!
    got her on board,had another bunk strainer then passed her around the 7 still on board.
    At various times I could hear her calling out my name but cocked a deaf 'un for a while.
    As she was about to leave I remembered the watch keeper, still asleep' had not partaked of the juicy fruit,so I woke him up and told him I had a present for him.
    Showed him his prize and went for quick kip,3/4 hour later I went back for her he boasted he done the lot,shagged and been down on her a few times!
    I told him he was the 8th that night and he spewed quite a bit!
    I reckon I own his soul,wasn't till I sobered up that I realised I could've charged everybody.
    Helluva night especially as I finished off the skippers chicken he had left cooling in the galley when he went ashore.
    Jersey is some run ashore.
  17. Please tell me you're a South Park fan 2DD?!

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