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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by R077, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. That is the wierdest thing I have ever seen.
  2. Then you must be only five years old.
  3. Perfectly acceptable and normal behaviour from the average mate-a-lot, it's just when RN practices spill out into civilian territory that it becomes unacceptable apparently..
  4. The shopper in question was in the wrong supermarket it seems.
    The offer of *Buy one Terrys chocolate Starfish - get two free*
    is actually in Morrisons (offer closes Monday).
  5. Already sold out Billy.
  6. I got half a dozen yesterday, just after I'd finished
    fondling myself in front of the fishmonger.
  7. That's the Co-op a few hundred yards from my place. Brilliant.
  8. We'll take that a a confession then...
  9. What a farking weirdo and must be that Chief Gunner now known as Janice.
  10. :lol: I know who you're on about. Lovely person, just a bit mad 8O She apparently wanted some young meat to test everything worked, but last thing I heard was booties were rattling off in her.
  11. Sounds familiar. You can always trust Royal to put a smile on your face... Earlier this year there was a Chief Diver at Faslane who'd had the "Op".

    The booties at FPGRM had a crate-on to the first booty who could rattle one up where the sun don't shine. 8)

    Dunno if the bet was fulfilled.
  12. Is it just me or did his top change colour half way through?
  13. Maybe he thinks his name is Fido and all he wants in a good kicking and told to fcuk off.
  14. There are 73 Comments already at the Link, some were quite good.

    Soooo - Before any more RR wiseacres post on here it might be worth their while looking there first.

    Why? Repetition bores one so, don't you think?

  15. I always wondered if the musky scent of man poo was attractive to homosexuals.

    People always took the piss when i refused to let out a well timed ripper if a bloke who looked homo-ish happened to be standing near bye.

    Guess my worries are right, this bloke clearly loves a fart. :D
  16. i would like to say it was me
  17. The shop assistant was begging for it, swanking around in that figure hugging polyester shirt and oh so tight trews, he's lucky not to have been gang sniffed! 8O :D

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