Own up

Righty ho then --
come on, own up-- the most embarrassing record in your collection is:

"Daddys Home"- Cliff Richard---------------- (My mum got it for me, my old man was an ex submariner- says it all really!)


Lantern Swinger
I am (we are) in possession of the following awful LP's
1. Mike and Bernie Winters in Toyland
2. RICHARD Clayderman - Reveries
3. Barron Knights (signed copy)
4. Liberace - concert by Candlelight

Mind you I also have all the Beatles LP's inc the "White Album"

embasing I know ..........
roxette - joyride.

i lost Mrs SS tape version a little while ago -- oops

so she made me buy a cd copy - not even from ebay but full shop price

drat and double drat
ooooh the shite 5, good one BH.

Bruce Springsteen, "Born to Run". 7 " vinyl, got it in one of those jukebox clearout lucky dip type things, normally just leaf through 'em and bin/shoot /frisbee the dross, but kept this for the little known "I'm on fire" b-side, reminds me a lot of Johnny Cash railroad beat. Great tune for going mental with PTSD.

Lush-500 (shake baby shake). I have a soft spot for rhythm guitar, Rickenbacker etc. Its about the Fiat 500, Schumacher has one, and now they're remaking it in a mini retro stylee. You probably remember Lush better for "Single Girl".

Flowered up-Weekender
I like the tune until they wander off a bit and get high. They thought they were the Roses meets the Mondays. Started well with "Its On" and "Take It", but drifted off to obscurity, produced a "best of" after one album, with the same cover as their album, your guarantee of shiteness.

Age of Chance - who's afraid of the big bad noise
The chart show has a lot to answer for. Got famous with their cover of "Kiss" but they totally lost their way with the second album. "dont get mad, get even" was used on various sports shows for a while.

Ken Dodd "We are the diddymen". Jam butties etc.
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