Own up, who are these embarassments?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. I do know the killick stoker in the surcoat, no names obviously, but a thoroughly sound bloke. And of course, none of us have ever posed for a photo whilst mugging around before have we?
  2. Anyone recognises the ship?

    The killock stoker looks familiar. What the hell is going on with killock with a dessie shirt and 4s trousers.

    Why oh why do our illustrious masters make our matelots wear dessies when
    1. The colour of the sea ranges from gray to blue
    2. The colour of our canoes are grey.
  3. You're just not thinking "Joint", are you.
  4. No, but the way that would-be booty is holding his rifle reminds me of a VERY camp picture of Osama Bin Ladying in similar pose. :biggrin:

    ...'old on, isn't the guy in shades NZB? ;)

    Head down awaiting incoming..... Eek!
  5. Looks like he missing his roll of lino! :thumright:
  6. You can see why the Iranians gave them back though!!!!!!!!!!
  7. They should be charged with giving the Brownies a bad name! o_O
  8. Is it one of the new fish Patrol boats that pic was taken on?
  9. The guy with the rifle (notice I didn't say GUN) looks like he's straight out of Rommels lot.

    THEY shouldn't let matelots loose with weapons....it just ain't right!
  10. .........AND the Killick (?) on the left must be an LRO...hand on hip and stuff!
  11. Apparently its to make us "stand out". UDS are there as a deterrant. Where would the deterrant be if we blended in to the side of the ship? :thumright:
  12. I'm wondering where they got the shirts - they're not CS95 (current issue for the older ones here), where the rank slides are worn on the chest rather than the shoulders.
  13. Ships still get issued the old type dessie shirts, probably while they use up the old stock. Good enough for Andy McDabber.
  14. Really?! There must be one hell of a lot of old stock then! Also shows how long since I've served at sea!

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