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Just thought I'd put an introductory post here as I though it the best place to put it. I take it this forum is pretty new as I've searched for a forum where I can get unofficial info about the Navy and find out what life is like once you join up. Had a look at some of the topics and everyone seems alright. I've been thinking of joining up for a while but now I've turned 26 I am wondering whether it would be a wise move (comments anyone? :eek: ), because I don't really want to spend away the rest of my life sitting on the internet 11 hours a day bored as hell. Will shortly ask some questions regarding some career paths in the navy that take my fancy. Thought I would ask here before a trip to the careers office and maybe told one career path is rosier than the other. Anyway look forward to 'contributing' :eek: to the forum.


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Welcome aboard. Joining up in your mid 20's can be a bit of a double edged sword. On the plus side, you will hopefully already have a degree of maturity not yet reached by the rest of your intake, so you should be able to fend off the inevitable set-backs that will occur with a more philisophical outlook than someone still in their teens. Also your previous "life experience" from living and working in civvy street will stand you in good stead against those whose only previous experience is school. The down side is that you will have had 8 to10 years of "freedom" after leaving school and you may resent being told what time to go to bed, get up and to polish your shoes! No great shakes listening to that on here, but it really does grate with a lot of older trainees, and the fact that you are a bit older may make you feel that your classmates are still children that react to stresses in a immature way that can also be very difficult for the older trainee to accept. If you DO decide to join up, you will need to get your skates on to get up the promotion ladder ASAP otherwise you will find yourself taking oders from a 19 year old - not pleasent!
This site is a great place to get a flavour of Naval life and ethos and I hope it helps in your decision making process. Good luck

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