imom1406 said:
I always thought you need a few fattioes on board, it struck me while sitting in the Aft DC base and watching a portly stoker try and get through a kidney hatch, "what an excellent damage control plug he'd make for blown kidney hatches".....so in my humble opinion you need at least three fatties per DC bases!
There is something in what you are saying, When Notty hit that stone whilst transiting the Pacific a few years back, one of the few who got a distinction was an overweight Dabber. He passed his RNFT but could not get promoted due to being overweight. He needed to loose roughly 4 stone to be able to do the RNFT in the future.
Ironically, when he raised a complaint about the medical grading, the verbal reply was that a situation like Notty would put others in danger!!!!!!!
The whole RNFT thing was shit-canned when Fresco raised its head again… Goalpost

The guy works as a civvie in Spain as is very happy eating Pies and drinking beer. He still needs to loose 4 stone!
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