Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by flipflop, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. It grips my shit when I see members of the service overweight and unfit. Only today I saw a member RNFBA first in the lunch queue, Pie, Chips and beans. They had a sweat on cos the queue was rather long which obviously delay their ETA to the NAAFI. Oh not forgetting that that said person is unfit for Sea, why? Yep you’re right unfit and overweight. So what are we doing about it?
  2. Bog off, fatty
  3. Ah the guy got in line before you?

    This smells of Diamond Lil's as a biatch fest, not current affairs :roll:
  5. Oh no, it's Mr i wanna argue with the world!!!
  6. Not strictly anyone, but fat people, RNR and fat RNR people
  7. OK - granted. I am a little bit, what I'd call "chubby", but I agree whole-heartedly in your comments. I can still pass my mile and a half run every year. I know of at least two people (both female) that can not pass their mile and a half run - but the doctor has decided as there weight is "unaviodable" made them P7RD. No running, no sea drafts all the benefits. One of them actually dripped lately that she wasn't on the PO's signal!

    What does everyone else think? Is it fair to P7RD fatties then let them get promoted? Great - it's the PC thing to do but I always thought "medicaly fit" was a tick in the box for promotion.

    Rant over...

  8. Fair rant. Obviously Flip-Flop is a bit of a porker on the side and he is hiding behind other lardies in the Naafi queue.
  12. Maybe Flip-Flop is just bitter cause the guy in front got the last of the chips leaving him with burnt roasties!
  13. Get em up against the wall, fatties out, stoppage of pay, less pc crap, no health and safety, more rig runs, bring back pussers blue detergent, seacat and Ikara.
    No to gay weddings, how ridiculous
    Tony bliar up against the wall
    Muslim fanatics.... the wall
    weekend warriors .... up against it
    Kiddie fiddlers..... oh fcuk it, you know....
    Rant on pause... need a supersize burger and fries
  14. I'll see you outside then!
  15. Bang !
  16. Of course from the perspective of the overweight matelot, his oppos are UNDERWEIGHT! :lol: If thinness is to become pusser, then we'll have to call it Pusser Chic!

    I suspect all of you Navy types are underweight. Join Civvy Street and become a slob! After all those who are fat die earlier leaving more lolly for YOUR pensions. Personally I think we fatties should be able to retire at 50 on a full pension only to die at 60! :twisted:
  17. In your dreams wee lambie lambchop!

  18. Lol i do think its unfair me and a friend went though training together ive worked hard and she put on weight and got dwongraded for it and now shes the one getting promoted in to a cussy job!!
  19. Well the best way to get your protest message through to their Lordships is to stage a protest Banyan - serving only fattening scran and only inviting underweight sailors! Then you'll all be on a level footing. It'll sink the fleet though, but what the feck!
  20. Grow up sad sack!!

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