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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spock, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys, I have just passed my RT and am hoping to join ASAP.

    Trouble is that I have just finished filling out my DVA Security Check forms and it asks if you have ever defaulted on a loan. I have defaulted on Credit Cards and have put this down but am now thinking that I shouldn't have. The debts are still outstanding but under arrangement and being paid off. They would also be manageable on my entry pay.

    Also the debts are not UK debts as I lived overseas in Australia for 8 years and have only been back in the UK for a year. My UK credit score is excellent.

    My question is, should I be giving info about my overseas finances or am I just causing myself grief for nothing.

    Would appreciate a prompt response as I have already mailed the forms back to the careers office. Might be able to fill a new one out if I catch them in time.
  2. Spock


    The experts on this are Supermario and Ninja Stoker, who are both RN/RM recruiters in AFCOs. They often get asked questions of this nature.

    There's a good chance that one or the other will be online this evening, so do look again later on.
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    First things first.... I am neither a recruiter nor responsible for security clearances, but I have been the security controller of a UK defence contractor handling DV(SC) clearances.

    The advice I was given in this role was the applicants should eb as honest as possible - in general it won't be a conviction that denies you clearance, its not owning up to having it. I would think that the same holds true in the credit world - they're not necessarily looking for someone with a perfect credit score, they're looking for people to be honest about their credit history and will then be looking to compare your account witht he credit refeence checks that they do.

  4. Hi Spock,

    I am a recruiter. Yes you need to be honest. During the SC they will do a credit check on you with Experian. They are definately looking for honesty about debts and police/court dealings. As has been said it's not the debts that will stop you, but not being honest.

    Any debt repayments should really not be more than half of your salary on joining (so approx £400 per month max).

    If in doubt give your CA a call and he/she will talk it through with you

    Be honest and good luck with the selection


  5. Thanks for the responses chaps.

    I have sent the form back and have included everything on it. Hopefully everything will be ok!!

    Cheers again


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