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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, May 27, 2008.

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  1. rod-gearing

    rod-gearing War Hero

    Whilst shopping in Tescos(sorry) I came across Tusker Beer on the shelves as well as Tiger Beer.

    I have managed to get Tiger Beer before but never Tusker.

    Got a few bottles and had a memory lane sesh with the ex crusher,trouble is Tusker tends to come back and haunt you in the morning.

    Any other overseas beers etc out there on the shelves.

    Please share the info as its cheaper than traveling back to original supplier as pusser isnt paying this time.
  2. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM

    There's Kriek! :lol: ..... Belgian Cherry beer!

    FLAGHOIST New member

    Hopleaf Blue and Hopleaf Red from Malta

    Mythos from Greece

    Tsingtao from China/Hong Kong

    Edmonstone from Australia

    Leo from Cyprus

    Regards, Chris
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Supporters - GCM Book Reviewer

    Marstons Pedigree, Bishop's Finger, Spitfire, Bombardier, Hobgoblin, Fiddler's Elbow, as well as Stella and Heineken - well, for me here in Canada they're overseas beers!
  5. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM

    There's Carlberg's Elephant beer, when I can get it. Tuborg's available too and of course Guinness.
  6. Topstop

    Topstop War Hero

    Victoria Bitter, the only Ozzie beer I could stomach.
    Schooner, Hallifax Nova Scotia + McEvans sweet stout (disgusting)
    Most other places it was Tuborg or San Mig.
    Or the Best, Oranje Baum?
  7. stirling2

    stirling2 Banned

    Brahma chop available in my local Tesco.
  8. Crabman

    Crabman War Hero

    Generations of airmen, including me, in RAFG got sh1tfaced on Warsteiner (Wobbly), another favourite was Grolsch. But one favourite of mine is Jever Mai Bock, evil stuff. Got totally smashed in the NCOs Club in Jever on that stuff, still managed to cycle back home (well trained bike).

    Aldi in Belgium sell a good beer Park Abdijbier, looks and tastes a bit like Theakstons Old Peculier, now that is loony soup.
  9. supermario

    supermario New member

    Don't try taking Foster's to Aussie like we did on the Gloucester, All they did was drink the CSB.


  10. lsadirty

    lsadirty War Hero

    Sure they've got San Mig in my local Sommerfields. (NOTE - have a look tomorrow before the football)
  11. Chaz

    Chaz War Hero

    Keo - Cyprus
    Effa's - Turkey
  12. BillyNoMates

    BillyNoMates War Hero

    There's a small independent brewery in the hamlet of
    Treshaggum-on-the-table (between St Mirren & Padstow)
    down in darkest Cornwall that manufactures a refreshing
    brew called *Old Father Denzils Brain Stem Activity Stopper*

    A cheeky little number, that was advertised on Landsend Radio
    once with the jingle:

    "Your sisters' got a headache, and your cousins' won't be kissed,
    So grab a crate of Denzils - and get absolutely pissed"

    Historical note: This beer was supped in vast amounts prior to
    the hamlets annual "Sacrifice lost caravaning tourists to ensure
    a good turnip crop next year" Festival.....since outlawed.

    Rumour has it that you can still purchase it locally, but it is not
    recommended that you hang around after sunset.
  13. Tanzi

    Tanzi Badgeman

    Know what Billy, there must be a janner down 'ere incognito who slips one of those into my nitecap every birthday cos every year its the same. Have a drink, have a crack and end up insulting some asshole and falling over!

    Thank you Father Denzil - never felt a thing.
  14. Nicks

    Nicks New member

    "Diamond Heavy", just cant seem to get it in England !
  15. Chronic-Malcontent

    Chronic-Malcontent New member

    Cruzcampo.. Spain..

    Was in the Army Beer Store at Ft Belvoir (suburban Washington DC and site of the home of Lord Fairfax) and there was a big display of Cruzcampo..

    Spousal Unit pointed it out.. asks if I want a 6er for old times..

    Had to tell her that the Cruzcampo stories that she has heard were because there was no other beer in the bar..

    No Thanks..

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