Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SONAR-BENDER, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. So whose **** up is that? The lads weren't exactly fraudulent were they. Great phot of Edinburgh!
  2. I'm one of the affected personnel. Only received one letter months ago telling myself and 'numerous others' had gone up increment levels when we were not meant to have (NBCD task book completion dates didn't match up) Got told to sit tight and someone would be in touch reference what the plan would be. Haven't heard anything since apart from the above news article. But suppose that's to be expected as mail seems to struggle to find me in the dockyard!!!
  3. Bet you're happy as Larry. Who'd of thought it-The UPO ******* up in this day and age???
  4. The article says , with ref to redundancy/release,"some who were overpaid will have to continue to serve untill the debt is paid" makes sense, we'll keep you in, poss against your wishes, paying you x thousands so we can recover x thousands.
  5. Mix up when I completed it, then went on draft and started going up increment levels (as I believed I should have) couple of years down the line- low and behold no record of NBCD completion!! Can't prove I did it, so ad far as anyone is concerned I didn't, managed to get one sorted at a later date but cannot be backdated to the original date so 'apparently' I was still over paid. Have to wait until I return off leave and see what the repayment plan is, thank god I'm going back into a sea draft as the sea pay might make up for what I'm repaying!!
  6. Rocky did you complete it on Lusty?
  7. I would have thought that Jack is shrewd enough to know when he/she is being overpaid.
  8. I would normally agree if it was LSA or LOA, but when you are led to believe that you have rightfully gone up the increment levels it disagree. Take Shackles & Flags, he was a dabber who completed his NBCD taskbook to progress past the AB Level 3 pay cap. Once you had completed the NBCD taskbook you were considered OPS OM1 and providing all seaman taskbook’s were completed you were eligible for LOM. I wonder if they will look into this and claim money off a person who has been promoted, as the only way of being confirmed OPS is to hand a chit in to the friendly UPO staff.

  9. Last company I worked for made a similar error, we were all called in 1-2-1 and told
    of error and what our pay was going to drop too, then told the money, for most
    less than a grand was written off, as the unions would have kicked off if they
    tried to claw back their own screw up. May be the Navy should give the f**k ups
    the bill as a warning to sloppy pay staff to sort their S**T out?
  10. This is not the HMS Edingburgh (D97) but a German frigate FGS Hessen (F221).
  11. I found out that i had been overpaid when a public debt appeared on my pay statement about a year ago, questioned it time and time again with pay staff who assured me that it would be wrote off, now according to the daily mail it will stand!
    Just about sums uo the mob these days.
  12. Did you get the names of the pay staff? Send them the bill for false info, you could have been chasing a different rout for the past year, accountant, legal etc.
  13. I was still being paid 2 months after I left the mob even though I told them within 10 days of leaving that they were doing it. It took 4 phone calls and a letter to JPAC before they stopped paying me and then a further 8 months before I get a letter asking for it all back. JPA and computer systems..don't you just luv 'em.
  14. Why are the pay staff never accountable? I am sure if we fucked up in our selected branches we would be!
  15. Pre-JPA days I changed bank accounts. The book says to notify the UPO 6 weeks beforehand, playing safe I filled out all the forms with the changeover dates 8 weeks beforehand. Come the day, no pay and well overdrawn due to bills, mortgage etc. Went into the UPO to sort it out and there was all the paperwork still sat on the writers desk. The boats SO organised an emergency payment (that went through almost instantly). The WO Writer in the UPO said it was my fault for cancelling the original account without checking the pay, the boats SO had to drag me out the UPO just as the pin ejected. I think Polto was with me at the time, oh how we laughed!!
  16. That's my point the ******* are untouchable. ******* pricks.
  17. Hope you paid them back as slow as they responded to you?

    Why are the pay staff never accountable? I am sure if we fucked up in our selected branches we would be​

    Any other branch screw up that bad would be sacked, what makes them so bullet proof

  18. I think you're backing me??
  19. I don't know. They always are.

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