Overpaid pensions

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Richie, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. ago about a company called Xafinity Paymaster,

    That`s not who pays mine. Paymaster General pays mine.
  2. That should help to cover the £6 million Liebour just gave Pakistan.
    What a shambles.
  3. How odd, all of my P60`s say Paymaster General.
  4. So has anyone heard anything?
  5. Look at the small print Hig. I have all my annual pension docs since 1975 and they all originate from "Paymaster, Sutherland House, Crawley etc".
    The last one marked "Paymaster General's Office" was 1993 (when they changed from a cheque sized slip to a purple statement).
    The annual newsletter states "Xafinity paymaster is the trading name of Paymaster (1836) Ltd.", at the same address.

  6. Just checked my P60's. Last one to mention Paymaster General is year ending 5th April 1996. 1997 is just Paymaster, 1998 adds " an EDS and Hogg Robinson company" . That's never mentioned again, but '95/'96 has a logo at the bottom which mentions Xafinity for the first time.
    Smoke and mirrors mate!

  7. This one might be good for a laugh.

    I checked my pension payments loads of times especially with regard to tax deductions --so if we have been ''overpaid '' then we've overpaid tax aswell .

    I did at one time try to get self assessment status from IR -----they are the ones you all need to check. They tell Paymaster the tax number your on. Pension payments are paid and set by the Gov.
    Paymaster then issue payments.

    We shall see !

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. Tv reported this morning that those involved would be hearing today, I haven't had a letter today - is that good news or the royal mail crap.
  9. I havn't received one either.
    Perhaps we are in the UNLUCKY 95% who were not overpaid
  10. excellent point "Greenie" - good thinking
  11. No, they are sending out the letters today, so 90% of those affected will know between tomorrow and February, if the Royal Mail is true to form.
    The remainder will be lost in the post, ditched by dissatisfied postal employees, or secreted in a far off corner of the sorting office to be unearthed in a few years time.


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