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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by amazed_wafu, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. If it's true then that is dispicable

    It's good how many people jump on the Marines before the full truth has been told. It might not be even true and they are falsely accused.

    I will wait befor passing my opinion
  2. Yeh your right. It did happen a while ago. and no charges. This paper is known for hammering the Forces when the stories present themselves....
  3. I think we still have innocent until proven guilty - or does that just apply to junkies beating up old ladies?
  4. I haven't heard out about this. Me thinks billy bullshat. Or should I say I hope it is billy bullshat
  5. The other version.......heard 2nd hand.

  6. They make it sound like kidnap and sexual assault are bad things, I dons't get these modern ways, me! :dwarf:
  7. Am I the only callous cnut who finds this story utterly hilarious??
  8. LukeP...Fook me is that you in your avatar or are you the President of the Ross Kemp Fan Club?
    Wary as.
  9. I would be surprised if this is not true. I doubt a guy would fabricate such a story, being a victim of male rape is not exactly most guys ideas of fun.
  10. Where did you get that story from?
  11. As this case is still being investigated it might be best to keep our thoughts on this to ourselves, until the case is closed.
    Remember Journos love to come on here and ARRSE and quote posts to back up their agendas.
    Think before you post please gents.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    100% Agree.

    It's an allegation, not a proven occurrence.

    It's best left until worthy of comment rather than speculating and causing unnecessary ill feeling based on rabid assumptions which, in turn, create a feeding frenzy for lazy journalists.
  13. I model myself on this guy NZ, He is a former Para turned Barman turned SAS super soldier The one and only Sgt Henno Garvy.

    Tangos up! Facking Tangos Down!!
  14. Your obviously not an ex Bootneck mortarman then? Or Signaller or LC.
  15. And the same Ross Kemp who couldn't even HELP change a wheel on a F1 racing car!!!!!!!!
  16. Who the feck is Ross Kemp??

    That is a picture of Henno Garvo me old flower.
  17. Granted (excuse the Pun) Ross Kemp is a bit of a Podgy ******** at times What with that chad Gangs series he did that was full of numpties, You mention something about him refusing to change an F1 wheel which i Know nothing about.
    Have you seen the Afghan series? I thought it was a good effort mate. he got in the sh1t with the Royal Anglians and faced it out with the Taliban. I personally doth my cap to media crews who go out to warzones and put our boys in a postive light. There was no bullsh1t with Kemps series in Afghan he did the troops a good turn (yeah yeah to line his pockets so what.)
  18. Yup I saw a few of his exploits in the Afghan series he did. Hat off to the guy, the gangs thing he was fairly cosseted I imagine. But in Afghanistan it was 'real' with a real possibility of him getting an early ticket to the pink and fluffy place.

    As for his F1 exploits he did a spell following the Jordan team when he had to assist in a front wheel removal on a Grand Prix. Eddie Jordan pulled him after he couldn't get his act together after weeks of training.

    Doesn't mean he's a bad bloke, just shit at changing wheels. :thumright:

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