Over the Top or Sheer Class?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seafarer1939, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. What's the most over the top/ostentatious act you have experienced?
    One of mine was;
    A very famous Toon player was a party animal and when he held a party it was bound to be wild.
    Off we went for a night of whatever,whilst there I took the wrong turning for the bogs and ended up looking in his bedroom!
    It was stuffed with full bin bags!
    I told him I'd taken the wrong door and what was the script with the bin bags,he said every Monday morning for the last two or three years he went down to Marks and Sparks and bought seven shirts for the week!
    Worn once and bin bagged!
    Was this over the top or just sheer class? This was in the early 70's so their wages,although VG were not as they are now.
    My neck size was 16 and a half his was 15 or else I would have been a smart bastard as I would have bought them all.
    Think after a while he gave them all to charity.
    Expect you can beat that!
  2. Of course.
    I buy 8 a week as I wear two on Sundays.1 for golf and 1 for dinner :D
  3. I see so what you save on buying kecks you spend on shirts.
    Quite right,.. after all you can spray smellies in your knickers to stop smell and stains are safely out of sight.
    Not so shirts.
    And odourless fly spray? :D :D :roll:
  4. Knickers? :D

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