over exercising?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sammysideways, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Is there such a thing?

    Few of my friends are worried that im doing to much to prepare for raleigh and im going to wear myself out. Im basically sticking to the Navy program but im running every day bar rest days where i do nothing.
    Normally on the run days i go for a four or six mile run. Strength days i do whats required in the book plus a mile and half run plus some weights at the gym. Finally on swim days ill do the swim plus either a four mile run or a mile and half and a session on the rowing machine.

    Am I over-doing it? Body feels fine, got a little twinge(not a pain) in my knee but other than that i feel fit and well.
  2. sounds fine to me, as long as you're having the rest days.
  3. Not an expert here but...

    Sounds like your getting ready for Lympston, not Raleigh. :rambo:

    I would suggest you cut back on the distance you run primarily, secondly the frequency (3 times a week) in favour of something more aerobic.
    The reason for this is because of the twinge in your knee. If this 'twinge' were to develop into something more serious your joining date will pass you by, making it all pointless (if you know my meaning there)

    So I suppose you might be overdoing it slightly. ^_^;

    The rest of the program, working on your stamina & strength, sounds great though,
  4. Yes i do think you are doing to much. That knee sounds bad. Ease up.
  5. knee's not bad, not even a pain but cant shift it either so deffo worth me taking note off.

    So do you think i should scrap the 6 mile runs then? Anyone got any suggestions for a training program to follow that will get me ready but not over-do it? Problem i got is i need to lose 4/5 kg ideally too.
  6. I would go for anything non-impact cardio-vascular - something like the cross trainer or exercise bike.
  7. Going to see physio just to check that my knee is ok, and make sure im not over-doing things.
    I just wanna lose the weight and make sure that my running doesnt start to decline as its my main strength.
  8. Keep off roads. Run cross country on nice soft grass. For my pre-joining training I was running 3 mile circuits on roads, every day. and my I buggered my knee up and couldn't run for 6 weeks. I'm joining this Sunday, and I've had a lot of catching up to do. I only run 1.5 miles on a road once a week, and for the rest of my training I run 13 miles twice a week cross country. I do some shorter but faster distances cross country where I incorporate some fartlek and interval training for speed. However I'm only running my 1.5 miles in 10:48 which is good enough, but I wanted it under 10 mins before I joined. However due to the knee injury I lost 6 weeks. If somethings feeling a bit dodge, keep off it. Having an extra rest day is better than ignoring the pain and causing an injury. 'No pain no gain' doesn't exactly count when we are talking about your joints. Train smart and don't over do it. Also cutting down the running and upping swimming or push bike can help.
  9. If you have a problem with your knee or any other part of your body, then rest it!! Dont take the chance!!

    .............. otherwise Id say that phys program is nowhere near overtraining - Its fairly average to be honest.

    As long as you have two good rest days per week and eat correctly/take on enough water, then you should be fine.

    Listen to what your body is telling you - not your civvy mates!!!
  10. This is good advice, make sure you heed it :thumright:
  11. I would get your knee looked at because you don't want to train on it and forcing it to develop into an injury. But, in my opinion that is not over doing it (at all). You will know yourself when you are over doing it.
  12. If you feel fine, fit and well, then you're ok.

    Your body has a built in alarm system and it WILL tell you if you are doing too much.
    Ease back on the running (your alarm HAS sounded in the knee department), or if in a park, run on the grass next to the path instead of on concrete, because running those distances on concrete is a sure way of causing lasting problems in your knees.

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