Over Aged Drinking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TattooDog, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. A 72 year old man who refused to confirm he was over 21 was refused alcohol at Morrisons.

    BBC Link

    I should be so lucky! :drunken:
  2. Nothing the human race does, surprises me anymore.
  3. Jobsworth - abso bloody lutely pathetic

    I hope he gets a bloody good apology from their head office and a years free shopping - and the manager gets a kick ***********
  4. Couldn't make it up could you , fxxxxxxxxxg idiots ,
  5. Boggles the mind, whatever happened to common sense decision making...[​IMG]
  6. I always reply I feel like an 19 yr old but my wife wont let me have one.
  7. 21? isn't the age of consent 18? after that can they refuse anyone? There appears only one answer - everyone over 21 buy their alcohol elsewhere and I mean everyone!! that'll Rembrandt them - maybe!
  8. Maby the checkout girl was 110 so he looked under 21 to her :)
    Just like old bill look about 14 to me lmao
  9. They always ask you in the States for ID when going into clubs etc. When I say Thankyou, they just stare at me then refuse me entry anyway!!!!!!!
  10. The checkout 'girl' and store manager are clearly very stupid people and if they are a reflection on the rest of the personnel employed by Morrisons, or the store's policy in general they deserve all and any ridicule they receive. Morrisons don't deserve any customers if that's their attitude.
  11. While I was serving in Norfolk VA we had a lads night out and invited the crab WO to attend.

    Imagine his face when he was asked for ID on entering a watering hole. It made his night.

    He was in his early 50s.

  12. I got asked for ID in Collingwood Spar last week when i got a couple of tinnies, i'm 36 ffs
  13. That's stupidity, he's obviously over 21. The new over 21 scheme people take to extremes, like if you don't have a driving license who walks around with their passport as sometimes there the only pieces of ID they will except.
  14. I thought the point was for the merchant to ask the customer "if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the customer is under age" (my interpretation).
  15. My girlfriend works in a shop and has to ask the question if the cutomer appears to be under 21. If she gets caught selling alcohol to under 21's it's an 80 quid fine for her and 5000 quid to the shop. Can't really blame her for refusing someone who looks under 21 and can't produce I.D.
    I'd be rather flattered to be asked...but then I am..er....over 21 ..
    Morrisons attitude sucks.....

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