Over 5's?

Does anyone know the rules and regulations on claiming over 5's.

A group of us recently attended a weekend in pompy. On the way down it was suggested that instead of grabbing a bite to eat on the way down, we would have a toilet stop and swap drivers on the way down but wait until we'd reached Pompy and go for a curry before we went to our various establishments for the evening.

To cut a long story short, one of the lads has been knocked back for his over 5's because "he'd already reached his destination". His destination was Excellent and we hadn't been there yet!

Is our unit being picky, i only asked because i haven't been able to claim for months due to JPA being down, visits, etc and want to know if my claim will be refused too.
All claims are actuals now, with a Max of £25 per day (Full 24 hr). So you can claim your meal providing yo do not go over this sum in a 24hr period.
Like i said, i havent managed to put my claim in yet but i'm bracing for the worst.

Rumour also has it that if you travel for over 5 hours and stop on the way then they will knock 1/2 hour off your travelling time for the stop you have. So you think cost you've been on the road for 5hrs 29 mins that you get your over 5's allowance you may actually miss out by 1 minute. Not really a problem for me because whether i travel to Scotland or the south coast it takes a bloody age anyway!

I am concerned that if the above is true that it could turn out to be the straw that broke the camels back.
It's all done on JPA now, Reservists included I believe. Simply put your claim in and it'll be in your bank with 2/3 working days. Keep hold of your receipts though as your liable for a spot check for anything over a £5.00 claim. Spot checks can be anything up to a year after the claim.


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Chaz said:
It's all done on JPA now, Reservists included I believe. Simply put your claim in and it'll be in your bank with 2/3 working days. Keep hold of your receipts though as your liable for a spot check for anything over a £5.00 claim. Spot checks can be anything up to a year after the claim.
I believe JPA users are subject to two year audits now
We have been requested to send a copy of our claims to the unit (we're a tender unit) to be checked. If anything appears to be out of order then the money is claimed back.

I'm starting to think that we are doing everything different to other units.
I quote from a handy guide I got hold of, dated April 2006.

1. New subsistence package comes into effect today (Apr 06).

2. Day subsistence; up to 21 pounds per day, replacing "Essential Expenses" and "Daily Rates of Subsistence Allowance". Person must be travelling for over 5 hours continuously where service food is not available. Keep receipts, retain for 12 months.

3. Incidental Expenses; up to 5 pounds per day, replacing Personnel Incidental Expenses and Mess Incidental Expenses. Covers expenses incurred when staying overnight in a hotel or temporary service accom. Limited to laundry/dry cleaning, a three minute phone call and a newspaper. Keep receipts for 12 months.

4. Night Subsistence; up to 53 pounds per day if not booked via CHBS (Central Hotel Booking Service), replaces Night Rates of Subsistence Allowance. Payable when staying in a hotel for service reasons. Day subsistence claimed as above for lunch/evening meal costs. Non-availability of Service Accom chit required, hotels normally booked via UPO. Keep receipts for 12 months.

Hope this clears things up a bit.
WRT travelling time and the over five hour rule: the driver has to stop for rest breaks, can't remember what it is exactly but it's summat like a minimum of fifteen minutes after three and half hours, summat like that. This will impact on the passengers.

As for claiming when you reach your destination, I think claiming for meals in Pompey might be pushing it unless all service victualling was closed.

I assume you reduced your travelling time by avoiding the M1 roadworks near Luton and went through St Albans instead? :lol:
I leave work at 5pm and usually arrive at the unit at 5.45pm (its only 20 miles away!!) we leave for pompy/plymouth/Fas/Rosyth immediatly (i'm usually one of the last to arrive) or as soon as everyone is there. If we are lucky we arrive before 1am. Yeh - we're the one's who wake everyone else up.

I was right though, because i'd submitted over 4 claims within a 24 hour period thay all went to our unit SM for approval. He's apparently refused 90% of them! I'll refrain from elaborating until i know exactly why.
Ok, does anyone know the entitlement when it comes to activities such as recruitment.

If we are stood on a street corner/shopping centre etc for 8 hours on a weekend trying to entice some poor unsusspecting individual into joining the RNR are we entitled to claim for a meal?

I was under the impression that if you had no messing facilities available then you had up to £21.00 for a meal.

To be honest to pay me £42.00 per day and then expect me to buy my own food is a bit much, it would certainly put alot of people i know off recruiting.
It is my understanding that up to £21 per day can be claimed, where no service victualing is available. I recently recruited at a County show and ate from the oggie wagon. 3 meals, all under a fiver, no receipts given. I still have to claim this so, "watch this space". :threaten: :tp:
Just been told "theres no such thing as free food in the navy any more" so by the sounds of it you'll get it thrown back at you.

I never thought there was such a thing as free food in the navy anyway. There has always been a price to pay. indigestion, the trots, heart burn.

Do please let me know how it goes though.

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