Outsourcing of M.O.D. contracts.

....If that's how its spelled. Just had a brainwave that could save HM Government
and the British taxpayer a few million. Having been force-fed a documentray that
her indoors wanted to watch last night, I now know exactly where the M.O.D.
should place their contracts for everything and anything they want building in
the future.

The Amish!

Watching that lot - it would appear that they could sling together a decent aircraft
carrier, battleship or new naval shore base for absolutely f**k all in the way of
cold hard cash.

Get a bunch of Amish together, give 'em a large fanny full of piping hot potato and
cabbage soup (and a couple of hours dinner break to have a right good praying
session), and they'll put up a new training establishment in less than a day........
perhaps a tad longer for a full sized aircraft carrier or a new class of nuclear
submarine, but in any case - they don't ask for much and NONE of the fuzzy
bearded oddballs would be texting during working hours and they all go home
in a horse and fu**ing cart - so they don't even want a mileage allowance.

I shall E-mail this idea to the head honchos in Bath and await my Herbert Lott award..

The Amish - completing defence contracts for potato broth and a new plough. Let's
see Babcock and BAE undercut that lot.

* * * * * *
Cornwalls Deadliest Gangs

*Amish Angels* (Penzance Chapter) about to set off for The Bulldog Bash.
The most feared foot powered scooter gang in South West England. Do NOT
approach them under any circumstances. Pictured here being organised into
a convoy by their patched leader, Zebediah "Barn Buster" La-Palisse (2nd on
the left).

No more builders arse-crack. No more huge piles of rubble in your kitchen when you're
having a conservatory put up. No more Makita Digital building site radios belting out old
Led Zepplin CD's 24/7. No more swearing, farting, using your toilet and pissing all over
the seat. No more "We'll be back on Monday" promises, and they all fu**ing disappear
for a couple of months. Just endless, solid work, with the odd break for a carrot or a
glass of lemonade. It may look like you've got ZZ TOP clambering all over a fu**ing
enormous pile of stuff brought in from B&Q by Horse and Buggy.........but they'll get
the job done for a sack of potatoes and a couple of bales of hay. The days of Cowboy
Builders are numbered.......The Amish are coming.

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